Finding a good double head electric massager shouldn’t consist of running into a local retail store and buying the first one you see on the shelf in your price range. Some models in retail stores are knock-offs and do not perform or last like a quality brand name. It’s important to get the professional power that releases stress and relaxes your muscles that works in the office or at home.

The TheraRUB Percussion Double Head Electric Massager review below is going to outline the key features of this product and the benefits that offer solutions to your muscle problems while providing an affordable price. Feel free to find out more at a happy back.

Key Features:

  • Variable Speed Control
  • Rubberized Grip Handle
  • Dual Head / 3 Free Heads
  • 14 Foot Power Cord

TheraRUB double head electric massager is a logical choice for the average consumer at an affordable price point that offers professional strength while having multifunctional use in the home, office, or even in a professional salon. This massager is packed with power that provides the best messages. The 14ft power cord provides an extended reach for outlets not located close to where you want to use it and allows professionals to use it on their clients with no mobility restrictions.

Benefits of the TheraRub Massager

Added benefits of the Thera Rub massager is it uses percussions which are strong massages that easily release stress and relaxes sore muscles. Dual head design that covers a broader area for maximum relief and makes your massage treatments enjoyable. You also get 3 free massager heads that allow for a personal massage based on your preference.

An innovative rubberized grip handle provides maximum control over the massager that’s comfortable, easy to manoeuvre, and prevents slips. Variable speed controls offer intensity to your massage treatment and feature easy buttons to switch between variable speeds.

Pros & Cons


  • Quality construction/ durability/ longer lasting
  • Relieves sore muscles/ stress/ pain / circulation
  • Professional strength / relaxes muscles/quality massages
  • 14 foot power cord/ home/ office/ professional salons


  • The free 3 massage heads do not fit snug and tape may be needed in some cases
  • Some consumers wish it had more power

What to Look for in a Hand-Held Percussion Back Massager

Design and Length of the Handle: back massagers should be easy to hold while reaching the difficult areas on your back and keeping the massager in the target area.

  • Total Weight: weight on the top end means more pressure on your sore muscles and provides a deeper massage but ones that are too heavy, might mean that you’ll need someone to use the massager on your back.
  • Heat Option: heat is vital for relaxing sore muscles and invigorating circulation for faster healing. Massagers with heat options are an important feature for back massagers.
  • Battery/ Cord: corded hand-held back massagers are recommended for the simple reason that these units will eat batteries up and it could get expensive replacing them.
  • Noise: one of the best ways to ruin your massage experience is with a device that’s obnoxiously loud. Most percussion back massagers will produce some noise and the engineers at TheraRub have manufactured a quality percussion massager with less omitting noise.
  • Speed Settings: speed controls are important because if the speed is too fast it can make the massage experience uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Buy one like the Thera Rub which has variable speed settings.

The TheraRUB Percussion Double Head Electric Massager is a logical solution for those looking for a quality back massager that has multiple portable uses for the office or home. The innovative features make this product affordable and are professionally recommended by hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers.