Pruning the trees is excellent tree care maintenance, especially when you are using the right tool and you are pruning the tree the right way. But why do you need to prune a tree? And when do you prune it?

What is pruning?

Pruning is one of the most common tree care procedures; it involves the selective removal of certain parts of the tree or a plant including the branch, bud, and or the roots.

If you want to make your backyard curb appeal better, you should also consider pruning your tree; while there are Best Tree Pruner that you can purchase, here are the top reasons why you need to prune a tree aside from improving your backyard curb appeal.

Reason #1: It helps the tree to grow

Proper pruning can help the tree or shrub to grow healthy. For instance, you wanted one of your trees to grow new branches, try to prune it. To encourage new growth of the branch, you have to remove unwanted and dead branches; this will help improve the tree’s structure while it grows new branches.

If in case you are growing a young tree, you have to prune it by using the right tool and technique; this helps will reduce the need for more drastic pruning when it grows older. Also, it will help the young tree to grow with a healthy form and structure.

Reason #2: Encourages fruit production

Fruit-bearing trees need pruning – one of the basic tree care tips that you should know.

By removing dead limbs or branches, you are encouraging better health for the tree; thus, it encourages the tree to produce more fruit. Remember that dead limbs or branches can make other parts of the tree susceptible to disease and insect infestation.

So, if you own a fruit-bearing tree at your backyard, you should consider pruning; however, when it needs to be pruned.

Reason #3: To restrict the size of the tree

If you live in an area with restricted space but you still want to keep the tree, the most appropriate way to keep it from getting in the way with your neighborhood’s space, you have to prune it.

Root pruning is another way to keep the tree from growing bigger – it won’t kill the tree, yet it will restrict its size. However, when it comes to root pruning, you need to consult a professional; root pruning requires skills and knowledge.

Here are more reasons to prune that tree in your yard:

  • It helps reduce the risk of having weaker branches.
  • It provides clearance.
  • It helps reduce wind resistance; which is helpful during a typhoon.
  • It encourages light to the other parts of the tree.
  • You can make special effects out of it; thus, improving your backyard curb.

Final Thoughts

Pruning the tree is a basic tree maintenance procedure; however, you need to know the proper tree pruning technique and use the right pruning tool.

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