Whatever the reason – birthday, Father’s Day, or just because – traveling with your father creates a great and unbreakable bond between father and son. Plus, you’ll get a lot of unforgettable and unregretful memories while he is still around.

To make every father and son trips memorable, here are some top travel recommendations that both of you will enjoy:

  • Drive around to an open road

Casual road trips are fun. Everyone may not think so, but your father would love the idea. A casual road trip with his favorite songs playing can help relieve his boredom at home and your stress at work. However, take a route that allows your father to relax. Then, take a stop at his favorite out of the town diner – it is not every day your father can eat his favorite steak.

  • Bring him back to where you grew up

Most of the dads love to talk about their past and how they grew up and become a real man. Now, as he is old, it is not easy to visit where he started his roots, especially if he grew up in a different city or country.

If you are planning something on his birthday, try to bring him back to his roots. Take him to his old hometown. Allow your dad to show you around like he never left his place. Eat at a local restaurant where he can taste back his wonderful memories growing up. Also, do not forget to take pictures and souvenirs.

  • Try hunting adventure

If your father has had stopped hunting a long time ago, it is time to make him enjoy the adventure again. One of the best destinations for deer hunting is in Dallas County, Alabama, where there are an estimated 1.75 million deer in the area. Plus, there are no hunting weapon restrictions since it is always open season in the area.

  • Go camping

Camping is one of the best father and son bonding activities. Having to sit by the fire, grill his favorite steak part, and sleep under the stars will help him feel relaxed and contented. Also, this will help him reconnect the old-young version of himself.

  • Buy him a ticket to a boxing match

Is your father a boxing fan? When was the last time he bought a ticket to see a boxing match? Is he a Pacquiao or Mayweather fan? Who is his new favorite now?

If the opportunity allows that his boxing favorites will have a match again, do not hesitate to buy him a ticket to watch the fight in person again. Surely, this will be one of his favorite gifts from you.

There are a lot more travel places you can choose from if your father isn’t a boxing fan. Try to read more here for other options.

Final Thoughts

Growing old is inevitable for a parent, but watching his sons and daughters grow up and become responsible adults is one of the best achievements they will have in their lifetime. So, to thank them, try to travel around with them to their favorite places on earth.