A UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) or sometimes called an SxS (side-by-side) is an off-road vehicle intended for special tasks than for sport. The UTV is way different from its cousin which is the ATV when it comes to functionality and application. A UTV is usually used to carry extra load aside from the driver and passengers. It can even be compared to the Hammerhead off-road 150 which is designed for carrying a payload. The composition of this vehicle prevents it from rolling over when passing steep terrains.

Here are two characteristics that a vehicle should possess to be considered as a utility task vehicle:

  • Carry equipment
  • Can be driven off-road

Some people couldn’t quite put their finger on the difference between an ATV and a UTV. To make it clearer for everyone, here are some of the key features that set them apart:

  • A UTV can carry heavier loads compared to ATVs and still stay on top of soft driving surfaces.
  • While doing what a UTV is expected to do, it can also maneuver on different obstacles without rolling over. It means that it can remain stable while passing through rough terrain.
  • UTVs are easier to navigate on rough terrains compared to ATVs. Moreover, it is also possible to carry heavy loads on different terrains without any issues.

For sure you are now confused about whether to get a UTV or not. To help you make the right decision, we will give you some factors that you should consider in purchasing one. If you feel like you fit the criteria below, then you absolutely need a UTV.

  1. You are low on budget and are looking for a vehicle that can perform the same functions at low operational costs. If you compare UTV with other larger vehicles, you would surely spend way more on the latter.
  2. Are you living in the wilderness? Are you an outdoor person or loves staying off-the-grid? If you own any of those personalities, then you certainly need a UTV for you to have an optimum experience outdoors. You can go anywhere you like and carry your equipment without any problem.
  3. If you need to perform activities that require you to have a specialized all-terrain vehicle, then you’ll absolutely benefit from UTVs. They can be customized to fit your needs and the functions that are necessary for your daily activities. Whatever job you have, you can surely make some proper customization to achieve what you need to do.

However, you need to remember that customizing requires you to spend some money. Don’t worry because it will all be worth it. You can even add some stuff that can make your everyday travel more convenient. If you want, you can make it aesthetically pleasing – perfect for showing off to your friends.

  1. Do you work in a rural or rough terrain? That’s perfect because you can use UTVs to tow or haul materials.

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