Have you ever entertained the idea of growing fresh vegetables in your kitchen? Thanks to some new innovations in technology for indoor kitchen gardens, the idea is now a reality thanks to some brilliant engineers. The Nano Garden is a real garden for your kitchen.

You can forget about keeping up with a time-consuming gardening project in your backyard and there’s no need to go to the grocery store to get your favorite vegetables anymore. You can now enjoy fresh herbs, greens, and veggies within the convenience of your own kitchen.

Hydroponic Kitchen Nano Gardens

What is a Kitchen Nano Garden? A Kitchen Nano Garden uses hydroponics which is a process of growing plants in liquid nutrient-rich solutions rather than traditional soil based gardens. It’s a vegetable cultivation center for your kitchen that eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides, making it a benefit to your health. Instead of using natural sunlight the Kitchen Nano Garden uses its own built-in LED lighting that promotes photosynthesis growth in plants which can be controlled by the user.

The amount of nutrient supply, water, and light is controllable so the user can program the growth rate. It informs users when to provide more nutrients or water to the plants and the Kitchen Nano Garden also functions like a natural air purifier which eliminates unpleasant smells and odors. Hyundai’s engineering department and a brilliant design team in South Korea named Gromo designed the Kitchen Nano garden in 2010.

Placement for Your Kitchen Nano Garden

It can be installed just like your refrigerator in any location that will accommodate the space required by the Nano Garden. Sizes vary and most Kitchen Nano Gardens are typically small, however, the size of a standard dishwasher and refrigerator is common with some larger models.

It can be placed at the end of a countertop adding aesthetics to your kitchen, on top of the countertop, or underneath the countertop in the space where a dishwasher would occupy. No matter where you place your Kitchen Nano garden it will supply you with fresh vegetables and make your kitchen look elegant and sophisticated.

Investing in a Kitchen Nano Garden

There are a lot of health-conscious consumers that are now growing their own vegetables in soil instead of purchasing them at a supermarket. Having the luxury of fresh vegetables on demand seems to be the basis for change, however, fertilizers and pesticides are still being used defeating the purpose of a healthier diet. Growing natural vegetables with the Kitchen Nano Garden is the logical answer.

Kitchen Nano Gardens can be a little expensive and there’s no denying the fact that this is an investment. The long-term benefits are the positive qualities for providing a chemical-free product that promotes a healthier life. Adults can educate their children for a greener way to grow fresh vegetables while promoting a healthier environment and turn this into a real-life science experiment that works.

The Kitchen Nano Garden is an investment in the evolution of what kitchens in the future will look like and come installed as a standard kitchen appliance. To keep up with the ever-changing technology for modern kitchen gardens and for more information on types of Kitchen Nano Gardens and pricing. Please feel free to visit our site today. Click Here