bodyprimaryThe human body is a complex collection of systems. These systems all work together to ensure that the individual is able to perform all the necessary functions expected of a human being. All human beings may exhibit similar characteristics but each human being is usually very different from any other human being in the earth.

The uniqueness of every single person can be seen in many ways. For example, it is said that no two finger prints can be identical. Despite the seeming similarities in the pattern of fingerprints, each person has a unique set of prints for both hands and legs. Nations all over the world therefore use the fingerprint as an identification standard for classifying each individual. Today even technological appliances are using the fingerprint as a means of identification. It is being used as a security identification for bank accounts, for doors, for safes, and even for starting vehicles.

Apart from the fingerprints, each human being also has a unique set of irises.

Mankind is also unique in terms of his thinking and reasoning. This is one of the things that contributes to personality. Different people have different personalities. One person may handle a situation very differently compared to how another person will handle it. This is hugely due to the way his or her brain works.

Despite the fact that one’s thinking is unique, the thinking of an individual is hugely influenced with the things the individual has been exposed to since he/ she was a young child. For example, the personality of someone who is educated is hugely affected by the education. However, it does not mean that all educated people will have the same mentality or personality. Despite having similar thoughts on some issues, they will ultimately each have unique personalities.

The human body is also unique in physical functions. A good example is in the metabolism rate of each individual. Each person has his own metabolic rate and that is why despite exposing two individuals to the same conditions and feeding them identical amounts and types of food, one of the individuals may end up being thinner or bigger than the other person.

These differences are also seen in the reaction of the human body to certain stimuli. Some people will quickly get sick due to weak immune systems while others are more resilient. This is also seen in the case of medicines and cures. Some people will respond very fast to medicine and cures and they will get better while for others it might take longer or it might not work at all.

This is seen in convectional drugs and even in natural remedies. Some people take natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar for assorted health conditions such as acne and they get well. However, there are some people who will take the same remedy with an aim of curing the same ailment but they will end up with poor results.

As such, one man’s meat is not necessary meat for the other person. People are different.