TechnologyLife in the twenty first century is a whole different to the life that people in yester years experienced. In this century, lifestyles are very different mainly since the lifestyles of today are hugely dictated by the technological advancement of the day. Mankind has evolved so much in technology and there are numerous inventions that are fundamental in the everyday life of people.

The development of mankind to the state in which he is in today has taken quite a long time. Man’s history can be traced back to a time when he was living in caves and wearing hides as clothes. Today man is living in multistoried apartments and is wearing fancy clothes such as leggings for women and bikinis as summer wear.

In the olden days, man would depend on his feet for travel and later he learnt to domesticate animals such as horses, camels, and donkeys which he could use for transport. Today we can move around in numerous types of ways including motor vehicles, trains, aero planes, and we can even travel to the moon in a rocket. This is something that the early man could not even fathom. To many communities the moon was an object to be worshipped, a god, and no one could even think of getting to it.

The early man survived on hunting and gathering for his survival. He hunted wild animals for meat before he realized that he could domesticate some animals such as cows and goats which he could then control and depend on for a more reliable supply of milk and meat. The ancient man also moved around gathering fruits, berries, nuts, roots and herbs which he ate as food.

Today mankind has advanced a great deal in terms of food production. Today mankind is even processing his food to attain a customized end product that will suit his needs. For example, today man’s problem is not getting grains such as wheat. There is a bountiful supply of wheat being produced thanks to the advanced ways of farming and crop production.

Today the harvested grain is not sufficient for man but instead the wheat is processed with substances within the grain being sifted out and man is left with a substance that is more desirable to him for food in terms of palatability and attractiveness. During this process, a lot of essential nutrients are extracted from the whole meal and other detrimental elements such as fats, sugars, and other additives are added.

As such, unlike in several other areas, mankind seems to be digressing in terms of food quality since the foods eaten by our forefathers were more nutritious than what we eat today. The food we eat today has led to the current generation being very weak as compared to the generations of past years.

There are however people who still eat some of the healthy foods that our ancestors fed on. A good example is hummus. This is a healthy dish that people were eating as far back as the 13th century but it is still being served in many homes today.