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Buffalo Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review – CR-0631F

This appliance is a must have appliance for the kitchen for the modern day families. It satisfies every consumer needs as it prepare and cook your rice perfectly. The rice will come out moist and tasty but not dry. Since there are different types of rice in the market, this appliance has been modified to prepare all those kinds to perfection. It is designed in a way that you can just select the units in which that kind of rice will be cooked. Sometimes the family may want to cook the rice faster and for this reason, the appliance has been designed in such a way that you can increase the speed at which it will cook that rice hence meeting the family need.

Also, it is essential to note that this rice cooker is made from Korea and designed to prepare up to 6 cups of rice in a single cooking period. The cooker is also pink colored on its metallic face making it decorum of someone’s kitchen.

This rice cooker also allows the user just to set the controls of cooking and do other chores in the house. Some of these settings make one cook the rice or prepare soups or stews. In general, this cooker acts as a steamer and can be used to prepare other dishes like vegetables and fish. On this unit, there is also a wide LCD, which allows the user to see the time for cooking and selected features. Inside this appliance, there is a non-stick bowl for cooking which makes dispensing the prepared rice easy and also enables easy cleanup of the cooking bowl. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Buffalo Rice Cooker Review – 5 or 10 Cup

It’s one of the rice cookers which takes rice preparation to the peak of perfect rice, but, however, there are other features that makes it one of a kind. Its inner pan is made with stainless steel. Its surface is made to allow easy scrubbing without causing a scratch. This cooker is heavy, sturdy and you are advised to take care of it because it will be your best rice cooker ever. It can take care of an individual and even a crowd because it can prepare up to ten cups of rice. It cooks all kinds of rice to perfection. This cooker is expensive when you compare it to most rice cookers.

The Buffalo rice cooker not only handles rice with ease, but it can also prepare stews, soups and porridge, even bread and cakes. It has also been made with a warm function which prevents it from turning into a connected ball of mush when one is using it. You can reheat your rice and still not lose the rice integrity. Apart from coming with a measuring cup, when you buy this cooker, it comes with a soup spoon, steamer rack and rice scooper. It is also designed with a timer and preset function. It is easy to use as it involves few steps just adding the rice plus water then hit the button and you sit and wait for it to cook perfectly. You don’t need to follow manuals.

Though it is expensive, its features make it worth every single penny spent.

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