leaving-homeAfter completing college and getting a good job with a good starting salary, I could not wait to move away from home. I was living with my parents and four siblings in the house where I had been born and brought up. The house was a small three bedroomed house. My parents used the master room, I shared the larger bedroom with my two brothers and my sisters had the other room.

The room that I shared with my brothers was not a very big room and we were quite squeezed. We had two beds. One was a double decker bed. Being the eldest, I had the single bed whereas my younger brothers shared the double decker, with my youngest brother sleeping on the top bed. The space between my bed and their bed was so little that only one person at a time could use the access. The rest of the room was used up by our wardrobes.

I did not like the conditions that we lived in and so I was eager to move out and I am sure that my brothers were also quite happy with the idea that they would have some more space to move around in the bedroom. Not that we wouldn’t miss each other… we were very close and moving out had a significant psychological effect on me and the rest of the family given that we had always been together. However, knowing that moving out was at the end of the day inevitable made it more bearable.

During the first few weeks at work I would commute home. The work place was about an hour and a half drive from home. It was uneconomical and inconveniencing to be commuting this great distance and this made it more urgent for me to get a house closer to the work place.

I contracted some real estate agents around my work place region and after some time they were able to find a suitable one bedroomed apartment for me.

The next challenge was buying the necessary furniture and other household stuff necessary to support my living. I first started by buying some cooking paraphernalia. I bought an electric cooker, some pots, plates, spoons, knives, and other basic utensils. I also bought a rice cooker since I knew that rice would be my main diet in my new life and the rice cooker would make it easy and convenient cooking.

That same day after purchasing the kitchen items I also bought a bed and beddings and I moved into my new first house. It was very exiting having my own home despite the fact that the house was hugely empty since I did not have any other belongings.

As I continued with my stay I bought household stuff slowly by slowly and soon the house was full with all the necessary basic household items. I can now think of buying other secondary appliances such as an immersion blender which I have always wanted to help me in some kitchen duties.