Lulyboo has a plethora of baby products from bassinets to baby lounges that are innovative and most importantly tag along with the baby wherever they go. Modern families who seek stylish, modern, functional and lightweight designs on bassinets have a numerous variety of products choose from.

The travel bassinets are perfect companions for an active lifestyle. They serve as good accompaniment during a day at the beach, park or playground. The bassinet dimensions are 31 by 18 by 6 inches thus roomy enough to fit an infant. The in-depth is not so high thus a standing, or walking baby may get out. It also has no legs and lies on a surface.


At 3 pounds, the Lulyboo bassinet to-go metro is a lightweight travel bag. It also flexible and folds back in single motion into a backpack making it easy to store while traveling.


A suitable bassinet provides shade for the baby while they are asleep or playing around. This bassinet has a removable canopy that protects from the burning rays of the sun. It ensures the baby is not sun-burnt during napping time or playtime. It also cuts off direct sunlight preventing harm to the baby’s eyes.


Lulyboo has found a way to keep babies entertained in the bassinet. There is an easy to install toy bar on the removable canopy. Seamlessly attached to the toy bar are two hanging toys that keep the baby occupied and entertained. It helps to keep the baby active on some alone time while the parent focuses on other things. Playtime is necessary for baby development and sensory stimulation.


The bottom part of the bassinet constitutes waterproof material. This is quite convenient on a day out at the beach as it keeps the baby safe from water, water puddles or spills. It also has a removable liner that is machine washable thus easier to wash spills and stains. The fact that it can also fold into a backpack means it can be carried anywhere so that it is good for adventure. It also serves as a sleeper on, crib and playing pad. The removable canopy transforms it into a changing station for changing the babies diapers or clothes.

The bassinet to-go metro qualifies as the only portable cosleeper that effortlessly folds up into a backpack. Easier portability ensures the baby has a familiar place to sleep no matter where they are. Its versatility enables it to be used indoors and outdoors either at the beach, on rough terrain or at the park. It also serves a multi-service bassinet serving as a crib, sleeper on, a changing station as well as playing pad for the baby.

The canopy can be adjusted in two positions depending on the direction of the sun allowing prevention of direct sunlight. The construction fabric is quite breathable allowing for more comfort. The entire material is also removable and machine washable. It is available in four prints depending on parent needs and baby gender.