It is a much-anticipated thing of joy for you to watch your child grow up and starts calling mama, dada. Ideally, this should happen by the time the child turns thirteen to fifteen months old. This is a very important growth milestone for your child and in case your child doesn’t attain this in due time, it becomes a matter of concern. Speech delay is a communication disorder when the child fails to speak some simple words or respond to words directed at him. There are treatments and therapies available for getting rid of this problem with your child and you can get yourself better informed by browsing through or similar content-rich websites. There you can find reviews, means, and guidance for better consultation, good quality reviews on the subject, and recommendations about relevant toys for the speech improvement of your kid.

Speech delay can be of receptive type when the child fails to understand the language, expressive type when the child fails to speak and it can also be a combination of both receptive and expressive types. Some symptoms like the kid not babbling till the age of fifteen months, not talking at all till the age of two, difficulty in following easy directions such as STOP or NO. Other symptoms such as poor pronunciation or difficulty in forming small sentences also hint us about the issues with a speech disability.

Now coming to the causes behind the speech delay, doctors and researchers believe that hearing impairment, psychosocial issues i.e. getting little attention or spending a small amount of time with parents and other adults around, autism and intellectual deficiencies contribute to the speech delay in a child. Among the causes mentioned above, parents can eliminate the psychosocial factor by giving ample love and affection and keeping themselves engaged with the children during his period of early growth. Prematurely born babies, low weight during birth, being a male child, or history of speech problems in the family are some underlying risk factors that are known to be a trigger for such a problem in your child.

Speech-language pathologists are the ones who do a comprehensive test of the receptive and expressive abilities of the child upon prescribed by the doctor. By assessing the child through various forms of verbal and non-verbal communications against some set metrics they diagnose the child for the speech delay in the child. In some cases, the help of some other specialist like an audiologist may be sought to ensure a complete diagnosis is done.

Treatments by professional therapists can bring back the child to a normal state but it certainly takes some time and the duration varies among children. As a parent if you talk to the child from an early age, keep singing to them, respond to their babblings whenever they do and read out something to them aloud will help them getting themselves accustomed to the sound around them and they would love to follow the cue and start imitating the same behavior. This will help parents in eliminating the speech delay even before it crops up.