If you are looking for a security system, one of the terms you will encounter is the Network Video Recorder (NVR).

The Network Video Recorder or NVR is one of the most popular security systems today. It is a type of security system that captures digital footage and transfers the feed into an electronic device. The footage is stored on a USB flash drive, SD Card, or any disk drive.

The primary function of an NVR is to capture footages on an embedded operating system. It allows you to transfer and save videos on a computer or any device. An NVR usually needs a cable to connect to security cameras though it utilizes Ethernet cable. But today you can find a wide variety of NVR with wireless options.

Many prefer an NVR security system because of its benefits. An NVR captures high-resolution images and footage. The resolution of an NVR can go up to 4K. However, the quality of the footage also depends on the security camera you are using.

As stated above, NVR also comes in wireless options. With this feature, you can place the security system anywhere around the place; likewise, it easier to install an NVR.

What to Look for in an NVR Security System?

If you already tried to look for NVR security systems, you probably noticed a wide variety of NVRs coming from different manufacturers. Looking for the best NVR can get daunting, especially for a beginner. If you don’t know where to begin, below are the essential NVR features and specs you have to consider.

  1. Number of Channels

One of the first things you have to look for is the number of channels the NVR offers. The number of the channel it has identifies the number of cameras the system can accommodate. For instance, if an NVR has eight channels, it means you can have eight cameras in one system.

Therefore, if you are using several cameras, pick out an NVR with a large capacity of camera channels. The highest number of channels an NVR can offer is thirty-two.

  1. Preinstalled Hard Disk and Backup Drive

Some NVRs have a preinstalled hard disk, while others don’t have one. If you prefer an NVR with a preinstalled hard disk, consider the drive’s storage capacity. It is better to choose one with higher storage and a backup drive since it allows you to save more footages.

  1. Image Resolution and Frame Rate

An NVR with higher resolution and frame rate captures clearer footages. Unfortunately, high-resolution NVRs are expensive. If a full HD with 1080p NVR is out of your budget, the best alternative out there is a 4K NVR.

  1. Manufacturer

Though not necessarily a feature, however, it is better to pick out an NVR coming from a reliable manufacturer. If you are not familiar with NVR security system companies, check out this source, https://www.phenomsecurity.com/best-nvr-system-reviews/.

This link above will lead you to a detailed product review of the top seller NVR systems this 2020. You can use the product reviews and comparisons to figure out which NVR system is worth spending money.

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