Have you been planning to take your kids to amusement park adventures in California, where they get to enjoy several amusement parks while having a vacation in one of the cities in the state? California is one of the fast-growing states in the US. So, there are a lot of amusement parks that your kids and those that are kids at heart will enjoy.

So, here are the top child-friendly and best theme parks for toddlers in California that you should consider adding in your family vacation itinerary.

#1: Disneyland Resort

Disneyland is in everybody’s bucket list – both young and adults.

Having fun in Disneyland is not only for your kids but yours’ too. The magic, the fairytale, the exciting rides, the shows, the massive teacups, your beloved Disney characters, and more, are fit into a huge place where you and your kids would fall in love.

And oh, there’s Mickey Mouse and his friends, ready to take pictures with you and your child.

#2: Seaworld San Diego

If you grew up watching Sesame Street, you know that your kids will love the SeaWorld San Diego, especially your toddler. At the Sesame Street’s Bay of Play, you and your toddler can go for a ride on the Abby’s Sea Star Spin and Elmo’s Flying Fish. Moreover, your kids will also enjoy touching the glossy-fish, crabs, and sea stars at California Rockpool. Plus, there are other Muppet-themed rides that you and your kids will enjoy.

#3: Legoland

Legoland is another place that your toddler and or preschooler will enjoy. It is a world full of bricks – in huge sizes and cute little plastic bricks. Here are a couple of activities that you and your kids will love to explore:

  • Enjoying the Legoland rides
  • Exploring the Legoland’s sandboxes just like a paleontologist
  • Try out Benny’s Playship
  • Try building and testing with Lego
  • Experience flying at Cargo Ace
  • Try Cole’s rock climb
  • Let your kids drive like a pro at their Driving School

#4: Universal Studios Hollywood

If there’s Disneyland in your bucket list, you should include Universal Studios Hollywood too; where your kids will have fun at child-friendly activities such as:

  • The Minion-themed park
  • Check out the Kung Fu Panda’s adventure rides
  • Get to see the robotic Dinosaurs
  • Be a wizard in The Wizardly World of Harry Potter
  • Enjoy the Super Silly Fun Land Spray Area

How to keep your child safe while enjoying every activity in the park?

When at the park, do not forget that your child’s safety is critical than their excitement experiencing new fun. So, here are quick tips on how to make your child safe while letting them enjoy every moment at the amusement park:

  • Always follow the park rules
  • Do not ignore the park’s height and weight guidelines
  • Weigh if the ride is safe for your child
  • Never leave your kids unsupervised
  • Let them wear name tags
  • Teach your kids the safety measures such as never touch anything unless it is allowed to, do not talk to strangers, and stay with an adult family member.

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