Manufacturers built kitchen appliances to last for several years. However, poor maintenance and lack of care reduce its lifespan. Moreover, it will affect the appliance’s performance and result in damages.

Kitchen appliances need extra care and attention. You can’t leave it out in the open and not spare a single glance when you don’t need the machine. You have to ensure your kitchen appliances are in perfect condition and best shape, to guarantee great performance and productivity.

There is a proper way of taking care of kitchen appliances. To help you preserve your kitchen devices and implements, below are practical kitchen appliance tips & advice you should follow.

#1 Keep it Clean

Make sure your kitchen appliances are clean. Wipe off dust, grease, and other visible dirt on the machine to prevent the accumulation of debris. Keeping your kitchen appliances clean helps circumvent premature damage. Likewise, your appliances will always look good as new.

When cleaning your appliances, only use a damp cloth. A microfiber cloth is the best option since it won’t cause abrasion, especially on glossy surfaces. Also, do not use strong chemicals that might cause corrosion, as well as abrasive materials to clean the machine.

#2 Perform Deep Cleaning

Perform deep cleaning seasonally. When doing a deep cleaning on a kitchen appliance, make sure to check every part of the machine. Likewise, do calibration and lubrication when necessary.

Take note that some machines have specific cleaning instructions. Follow the manufacturer’s guideline on how to deep clean the appliance to avoid inflicting damage on the machine.

#3 Look for Minor Damages

As you do deep cleaning, also look for any damages on the appliance. For example, tighten loose screws and knobs, replace filters, and repair leaks. Fixing minor damages at an early state will prevent it from affecting the appliance. Furthermore, it’ll save you from expensive repair costs.

#4 Find a Good Storage Location

If you are planning to keep your kitchen appliances in storage, make sure to find a good storage place. Keep your appliances in a climate-controlled storage unit. Avoid storage locations with high humidity levels. Moreover, keep smaller appliances in their original boxes if you have them. For larger appliances, organize them that each one has enough room. Also, protect the surfaces from bumps and dents by covering them with blankets.

#5 Ask for Professional’s Help for Serious Damage

Serious damages on kitchen appliances require a professional’s help. If you have no skills or knowledge on how to fix the machine, then don’t do it, or else you might worsen the case. Hand it to the person who knows how to fix the damage.


It is important to keep your kitchen appliances in the best condition. If your appliances are in great shape, you can do more in the kitchen and have endless opportunities.

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