Dental health care is important for your general health and well-being. Apart from a healthy diet, brushing teeth should also be a common practice to ensure all plaque is removed and periodontal diseases are put at bay to avoid many appointments with the dentist. Whether you use an electric toothbrush or a manual one, the results and performance are different with each. Here is a comparison of Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes that you need to check out before buying any:

In Built Timers

Electric toothbrushes are designed with electric timers. The preset timers last for about 2 minutes or so to allow you enough time to brush your teeth a little longer in order to remove all plaque. Manual toothbrushes do not have this feature and this makes your dental cleaning time immeasurable- you can either take very little time to clean your teeth especially when in a rush or not do it properly or you can take excess time brushing teeth and overwork your gums.

Ability Beyond Disability

An electric toothbrush is meant for convenience and this makes it usable by people with all abilities. It does a huge part of the brushing task for you and people with a limited ability like arthritis, developmental abilities and carpal tunnel can easily use it without any trouble. On the other hand, manual toothbrushes require much of your coordination ability in order to be efficient. If you are incapacitated in ways that can make your arms immobile, high chances are that your dental care may deteriorate if you can’t opt for an electric toothbrush.

Availability and Affordability

ADA specifications require you to change your toothbrush after every three months for hygiene purposes and for the efficiency of the brushes. Manual toothbrushes are easily available in your supermarkets and shops and go for a very cheap price compared to an electric toothbrush. These ones are expensive because of the technology they use and its complex features. They aren’t sold everywhere and can be bought in online shops and at a dentist’s among the few locations.

Variety Options

The good thing about electric toothbrushes is their variety. Sizes are different in small, large and medium heads to suit your preference unlike for manual toothbrushes that come in one size and if you want to begin oral care at a young age in toddlers and children, it becomes uncomfortable to use. The size of the toothbrush becomes big in the mouth and brushing and moving it in their mouth becomes hectic.


Both the toothbrushes are designed differently. For manual ones, there are those with soft bristles and those that are hard. This is to ensure that people with different sensitivity levels are catered for. Manual toothbrushes allow you to be in control of the brushing action and you can apply pressure where necessary and reduce as you prefer. Electric toothbrushes are limiting because the high end ones are the only ones that have such control features but it is very costly to acquire one. Other powered toothbrushes do not have and can be destructive to your gums.