Choosing Your Water Mate

Choosing Your Water Mate

The Old Town Predator MX review Kayak is the ultimate kayak for sportsmen delivering a perfect platform for fishing and on-water sporting. The Predator MX, or Mixed Water, features a slightly more rounded hull, designed for moving water conditions such as rivers without sacrificing the Predator’s class leading stability and performance. The versatile Element seating system gives you that stability while seated, yet can be quickly flipped out of the way for poling, sighting and casting. The Predator MX also features a spacious Exo-Ridge deck providing the perfect standing platform, room for extra gear or a furry companion. The side-mounted paddle storage, dual tackle holders, dual-tip rod holders at the bow, side-mounted retainer bungees, molded paddle rest, removable mounting plates, and a large bow hatch with the Click Seal cover make this the ultimate fishing kayak.

  • Element seating system designed specifically for the angler
  • Performance crafted Tri-Hull offers superior stability and tracking
  • Slip resistant exo-ridge deck and exo-ridge tank well
  • Features dual-tip rod holders, rod retainer bungees, paddle storage, tackle holders, Exo-Ridge deck and tank well, and molded paddle rest

Predator MX: Great kayak for fishing the North Branch of the Susquehanna as well as all the area lakes. It is stable with a lot of room for gear, supplies, and everything you will need for a day on the water fly fishing. I carry a cooler, camera bag, two 9-foot fly rods, several boxes of flies, a pack (with leaders, tippets, pliers, stripping guards, sun screen, and cigars with lighter and cigar cutter), and anything else I feel necessary. I like the leg room and comfort of the elevated seat, as well as being able to stand if you would like. Well worth the money!

Sevylor Inflatable Kayak

The Sevylor inflatable kayak is one for just about every kayaker out there. To begin with this kayak is a real winner when it comes to price and value for money. With a lot of sub $200 kayaks, you get what you pay for, which tends to be cheap and unreliable. Priced at a very reasonable $150, this kayak excels where the others fail, with exceptional build quality combining with the Air Tight guarantee.

The next real plus point, is the ease of use factor. As with all inflatables, portability and lightweight are the keys to a successful product. This kayak scores excellently on both these points, fitting in the trunk of a car with room to spare, and can be easily carried by just one person. The speed of inflation and deflation is mind blowing, going from empty to full then full to empty in just under two minutes each way. Partly as a result of the double lock valves preventing a sneaky getaway of air, that truly is a remarkable time.

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