Choosing the Best Kayak

Choosing the Best Kayak

Whether you are looking for the best touring kayak or something more advanced, there are many different ones to choose from.

Touring kayaks (sometimes called sea or ocean kayaks) are great for kayaking long distances or paddling in big water where performance is key. These boats tend to be quite narrow so initially they feel less stable but they far outperform other boats in rough conditions. Their narrow beam (width) and longer length (14′ or longer) makes for a much faster boat.

Touring kayaks are generally made of either some kind of plastic (usually polyethylene) or some type of composite (with fiberglass being the most common). Composite boats are usually much more expensive than their plastic counterparts. However, the composite boats can weigh quite a bit less, which can be a big benefit if you have to lift your kayak onto the roof of your car or truck by yourself. Composite boats almost always have beautiful glossy exteriors and some people claim that the smooth finish increases their speed through the water.

Finding the best cheap sit on top kayak doesn’t have to be such a challenge. A sit in kayak is great for keeping your legs dry while paddling in cold water. With a sit in kayak, you sit inside a cockpit in the hull of the boat. However, if you are a bit adventurous, you may be more inclined choose the freedom and simplicity of the sit on kayak, especially if you don’t mind getting a little wet while you paddle. With a sit on yak, you sit inside a molded indentation on the top of the boat with your legs exposed.

When shopping for a kayak, your first decision will be whether to get a sit in or sit on top boat. You can easily jump into the water for a quick swim, and then climb back onto the sit on boat with little effort. When considering the purchase of a sit on top kayak, one way to approach the task is to seek out several sit on top kayak reviews from existing customers. Customer reviews can inform potential buyers regarding the consumers’ experiences with design, stability and maneuverability of the boats.

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