Progressive Organics are manufacturers of some of the best whey protein powders. The products are entirely organic and do not have any GMO ingredients. The protein is gotten from organically reared cattle that fee on pasture and grass. The cattle aren’t raised using any growth regulating steroids or other hormones that induce milk such as the rBGH. The protein powder is gluten free and is a good natural source of calcium. It contains all the amino acids.

It is certainly the best organic whey protein powder that mixes very easily in your beverages and drinks. The powder hasn’t been made to be instant so that it retains its natural state. It will be better if you use a blender for better mixing and you can add the powder to muffins, oatmeal or your pancake mix so that you can greatly increase your protein content.

The Benefits

The Progressive nutrition organic whey powder improves your immune system. Since it contains several vitamins that are responsible for fighting against disease-causing micro-organisms and infections, it maintains your general health and well-being. If you need support for heart health, this is the protein supplement to take. Courtesy of the minerals included in the supplement, it allows for better absorption of fluids and creation of blood cells. Bone repair and formation is made even better when you consume this protein powder, as you go about normal duties and exercises, your muscles wear out and your tissues tear too. The amino acids contained in this protein powder will facilitate a quicker repair process and growth of muscles.

If you are on a weight loss journey or are looking to keep your weight and health in check, this protein powder will be of great help because it moderates your appetite and reduces your frequent urge to eat. Remember a huge appetite can make you eat unhealthily and without any portion control which is dragging especially when it comes to weight goals. The powder alkalizes your body and maintains a normal Ph. level clearing all the toxins in your system.

100% Natural

With all ingredients being organic you can be sure that there are no genetically modified ingredients used. The chances of reactions from Gluten are nil because the whey protein is gluten-free and safe for use by anyone who has an allergy to gluten or wheat. A serving contains 23 grams of protein and that there are no artificial ingredients that are added to the powder.

The Ingredients

It is important to know what 1 scoop of organic whey protein contains. 120 calories, 1.5g fat, 0g trans fat, 15 mg of cholesterol, 55mg of sodium, 135 mg potassium, 3g of carbohydrates and 23g of protein. Organic whey protein concentrate, organic natural flavor, organic fair trade cocoa which is chocolate flavor only and organic stevia leaf extract is what this pack contains. Directions of use are very simple. Just mix 1 scoop which is 30 Gms into 200ml of any beverage you love and for you to get the best results, use a blender to mix.