Chances are you have been looking for details on how to develop muscles, lose weight, and build strength using online sources, like the Know Your Health Products. But you have to remember that balance is as crucial as core strength, mobility, and flexibility. Your body needs it to function efficiently. Lack of balance increases your risk of falling and accidents. It is the reason why older adults are prone to injuries. Thus, before you reach the age of 65, now is the right time to focus on your balance and learn how to improve it.

Certain exercises target the enhancement of balance. Below are the best exercises you should add in your workout regime to develop better equilibrium and stronger stability.

No. 1: Unilateral Exercise

Add more unilateral exercise in your daily workout routine. Incorporating this type of exercise, while changing your stance, is great for strengthening your balance. Examples of unilateral exercises that you must do are split stance, one leg stance, and side leg raise.

No. 2: Exercise Ball

Exercise ball allows you to do a multitude of exercises while doing other leisure activities like watching television or reading a book. Balancing on an exercise ball allows your body to build more stability. Likewise, it helps in burning calories. And the best thing is, you can get an exercise ball and workout with this equipment at home.

No. 3: Hip Flexion and Extension

Hip flexion supports in strengthening the thighs and hip muscles. You have stand straight while holding an object for balance. Then, slowly bend one knee towards the chest, but without bending your waist and hips. Hold your knee up, and slowly lower the leg down. Repeat this process with the other leg.

The hip extension exercise works your buttock and lower-back muscles. Aside from improving balance, it promotes good posture and reduces lower back pain. To perform this exercise, you’ll have to stand 12 to 18 inches from a table or a chair. Bend at the hips while holding onto the table. Slowly lift one leg straight back and hold it up. Slowly lower the leg and repeat it with the other one.

No. 4: Standing Crunch with Clap

Balancing on one leg is already challenging. Adding a crunch and a clap to this exercise makes it more difficult than it already is.

Standing crunch with clap is ideal for individuals who want to try a more intense exercise for balance. It has two parts that require a lot of coordination. You have to balance on one leg while keeping the other knee at 90 degrees constant. Then, raise your hands over your head and crunch forward, bringing the hands under the raised leg, and clap. This particular exercise is extremely challenging, but worth it when it comes to enhancing balance and coordination. Unfortunately, you’ll need more patience to work this out.

No. 5: Yoga 

Aside from the above exercises, yoga is also a great workout for developing good balance and coordination. Various yoga poses to encourage balance, good posture, and flexibility. You can learn it from home or enroll in a yoga class.

Additional Tips

Before choosing a particular workout regime, make sure to consider your body condition and consult your doctor. Some of these exercises do not apply to individuals with a back injury and similar conditions. Hence, choose an exercise program that is the right one for you.