Adkins Professional Audio DJ system is a speaker which comes with other accessories all powered with LED dual arrays which beat then pulse to the music you desire. The system is the best fit for festive situations where you would like to experience both brilliant and terrific sound alongside interesting party lighting. The system resembles a million bucks sounding like a monster stack. However, the system is perfect where major considerations such as setup complexity, budget, and space are put in place.

Would you like to make your ordinary event as interesting and to special occasions? This is the DJ system to go for so as to enjoy the celebratory lighting and DJ top quality sounds. Talk of events like anniversary observations, reunions, recitals, coffeehouse performances, pool parties, karaoke contests, graduation parties, backyard weddings among other events and you will find no need of going for those expensive, large or complicated equipment stacks but rather purchase the Adkins Professional Audio DJ system. Find out more at music beat brothers.


  • The system has 2 LED arrays in every speaker which beat and pulse to the music you desire
  • You can connect through Bluetooth as well as play FM radio, SD, USB, and MP3 or even plug either a laptop or DJ mixer
  • Comes with in-built amplifier, 600 watts
  • Great for use if hosting reunions, anniversaries, recitals, house performances in coffee houses, pool parties, karaoke contests, graduation parties, backyard weddings, DJ among other functions
  • The enclosure of the speaker is trapezoid-shaped making the speakers versatile for use as PA speaker as you can even lay it down with the sides touching the floor. Its handles are ergonomic hence easily portable and also easily setup. The material used to make the speakers is ABS material which is quality and from the rugged design able to withstand even high impacts.
  • Ready equipment you only need to plug it in then kick off, simple to be used


  • The unit is easy and simple to setup and easily transportable
  • The speakers produce a very quality sound which delivers punchier bass and loud sounds
  • The speaker works like high-powered two way professional sound speaker reinforcement speaker
  • It comes with multiple jacks which gives you a chance of selecting what you would like to listen to. The jacks include FM radio port, USB port, SD card port and also its ability to connect through Bluetooth. Also, you can as well connect to the speaker microphones, DJ mixers, laptops or any other instrument which features its 1/8 inch input jacks
  • It makes use of the XLR convenient link output for daisy chaining other LEDs or even connect other external subwoofers.
  • The system comes with pole socket 36mm standard size for the purpose of mounting stands
  • The package producing the excellent sound, connection flexibility, and great lights is too light in weight and only 30 inches tall
  • The in-built LED arrays offer brilliant light similarly to a showground


  • Due to its in-built amplifier, the speakers are very heavy
  • The speakers produce very decent bass which is not as powerful for some users