When it comes to snow skiing, there are various gears that every woman requires for safety and comfort as well. One of the most recommended protective gears is the ski pants. There are different skiing pants available on the market, but none can beat the White Sierra women’s Toboggan Ski pants.  See more at craftedforalpine.com

The White Sierra Women’s Toboggan Ski Pants reviews.

Special features and benefits.


These pants guarantee you use even when it is drizzling in the winter. They are made with waterproof materials that do not allow water in the inner side of the pants. This helps you to remain warm and dry even when you slid in the snow. The outer part of the pants is made with nylon material which prevents the snores from getting trapped on the garment, while the inner side is equipped with polyester which is essential for ensuring that you stay warm while in the snore. This means that you can stay as long you want on the snore without worrying about freezing from the cold.

Adjustable straps

If you grow taller or you lend the pants to a friend who is shorter than you the pants can still fit well since they crafted to be used by people of different heights. The shoulders are equipped with adjustable straps which allow one to either increase or reduce the size for a comfortable fitting of the pants. This feature also provides a proper fitting especially for people, who have a sizeable bust area.

Articulated knees

The knees of the garment are articulated to ensure flexibility when rolling on the ice. Therefore, one can comfortably bend the knees when moving on the snow with ease.

Wide legs

This feature is added on these ski pants to allow the skiing shoes to fit comfortably and bottom part of the pants cover the feet for more warmth.

120 grams poly fill insulation

The polyfill is equipped on the Toboggan pants to insulate the body of the user from the cold. It is also provided with a front metal snap opening which makes it leisurely comfortable to wear and take off the pants.


The pants are not only recommended for skiing as you can also utilize them when working in other areas. For example, if you milk your cows early in the morning or feed your animals early in the morning, the pants can help by keeping you warm on the chilly days.


  • The pants are light in weight. (This makes it comfortable to wear them for a long time).
  • They are versatile. Hence they can be used for more than skiing.
  • They are adjustable for comfortable fitting.
  • Consist of insulation materials to keep the user warm.
  • They are waterproof.
  • Allows relaxed leg movements around the knees.


  • It is difficult to get a right fitting size if you are below 5’8 tall.
  • They are not reliable to wear during the rainy seasons as they cannot keep you dry for long.


White Sierra Women’s Toboggan ski pants are excellent pants that you can utilize in many ways to keep you warm. They can be used for outdoor tasks that require you to stay warm and for skiing as well.