A reverse crossbow is a crossbow, which has limbs reversed from average crossbow configuration. The riser that is a typical configuration is at the end of the barrel, now placed back of the frame, occasionally even at the behind of the trigger.

This results to all reverse draw crossbow going to be bullpup configuration, the trigger is taken forward at the crossbow, and more weight is the shoulder of the shooter. Reverse draw crossbow has been around for few years. It has some advantages compared to the conventional crossbows. However, not many people know how to use them.

Better balance

When the riser shifts back toward the shooter, the center of the gravity also shifts back. The more the weight shifts toward the shooter, it will result in a great level of control and accuracy. Whenever there is weight to support by the forearm of the shooter, there would be minimal movement. This also enables the shooter to keep weapon shouldered for a long time while waiting to shoot the target.

Best reverse draw crossbow

below are some of the best equipment that you can consider buying. You can find them in your local archery shop. Consult just to make sure you buy the right one.

  • Barnett BC Raptor Reverse: The Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse is the lightest in weight compared to others. It is also the lowest at 330 fps. However, that is not a bad thing. High speed can make a shooter or hunter to miss the target as there is less margin for any error. It has a lot of energy that will help you to hunt anything you would want. The equipment is perfect for any archery sport.
  • Horton Storm RDX: This is the narrowest equipment. At 10” after being cocked it will enable you to shoot anything that you desire. You can use it at any place where you have never used a crossbow before. It feels quite lighter than the normal weight.
  • Scorpyd Orion: This is another amazing equipment to give you the desired result while shooting. It has a very high power enabling you to shoot anywhere any place. The kinetic energy is extremely good that you can require in any shooting. There are a number of the specification that comes with the model or the make. The higher the specification the higher expensive it becomes. However, it is very important to stick to your budget.


Every shooter has unique demands for his or her shooting equipment. This is concerning weight, impact energy, speed, and the general weight. It is very important to factor in some needs when choosing the best crossbow to purchase for your hunting or shooting. It is good to put away the mentality of faster is the best.

It can take some time for a good shooter to develop some good skills and high speed. Most of the shooters out there prefer the reverse drawback design. However, there are those shooters that will not spend on it due to care it deserves. Therefore, always go for what is within your budget.