Total destruction is the main thing that comes to our minds when we hear about a fire outbreak. However, with a fireproof safe, you will be confident that your precious items won’t be reduced to ash. However, what exactly ares fireproof safes? Want to find out more? Checkout safest safe.

The Definition

It’s a storage unit that is made to protect its contents in case of a fire outbreak. It’s uniquely designed to withstand the high temperatures. A fireproof safe is a broad term that is used to describe several units ranging from fireproof cabinets to even more extensive storage facilities such as vaults. The type or size of safe highly depends on the purpose you have for it. However, they all serve the same purpose that is protect your items from fire.

The Different Types of Fireproof Safes

As mentioned above, the suitable fireproof safe for you highly depends on the products you intend to protect. Most safes are designed to protect mainly the following items;

  • Paper, for instance, money, certificates, passports, identification documents and any other relevant documents.
  • Data or Magnetic media such as hard drives, diskettes, tapes, films amongst others.
  • Digital media such as USB flash disks, CDs, DVDs, iPads, mp3 players and many others.

The above items are vulnerable to high temperatures. In cases involving data media, fire can corrupt the data as a result of electromagnetic interference. Other than the fire, a good safe should be able to withstand the smoke, hot gases, dust and even water. It’s advisable always to purchase a safe that is both fire and water resistant.

Different fireproof safes have different ratings. The rating helps you determine how long the safe can protect your items from fire. The rating also tells you the temperature range it can be able to withstand. Below are the ratings of different fireproof safes.

350, 1 hour

A safe with this rating guarantees to retain a temperature of not more than 350 degrees F for an hour. That temperature is ideal for safeguarding paper products.

350, 2 hour

This safe is similar to the one above, only that it will maintain the internal temperature for 2 hours. It’s suitable for areas that are located a bit far from the fire station.

125, 1 hour

125 rated safes ensure the internal temperature of the safe does not exceed 125 degrees. In this case, it will keep products such as digital media safe for an hour.

The 125, 2 hours and the 125, 3 hour

The above safes will retain the 125-degree temperatures for 2 and 3 hours respectively.

Also, the size is something you should consider. Fireproof safes come in many sizes. However, don’t judge the size of the safe by the outside measurements. The insulation usually takes up most space in the safe. Therefore confirm whether the internal measurements would be adequate to hold your items.

What about Security

Despite the fact that it is fire resistant, it should also provide burglar protection. You never know which tragedy might strike you. It could either be fire or theft. A fire safe should have a good locking system. You can decide to get one with electronic locks or key locks. It depends on preference.

Final Thoughts

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Accidents are not planned and can occur at any time. A fireproof safe can be very beneficial in protecting valuable items.