An Impact Driver is a powerful tool which saves homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, plumbers, construction workers, and many others a lot of time and effort. If you don’t a tool like Impact Driver by your side then there is a possibility you will struggle to drill out screws. When buying one, there are many factors you should consider to ensure you are the best impact driver. The following are things you should consider; See more at pro tools central.


You should use a tool that has proper torque since you need to drive bigger screws. Impact Driver that has a more significant bit can kick into high-torque impact mode hence you can bore a large hole using a smaller driver.

Make sure it fits in your hand

Impact driver should fit into your hand and also ergonomically comfortable. Make sure you buy a tool that is lightweight (should be less than2.8-lbs) which will make it convenient to operate especially in tight-space or awkward environments. Extended applications are made possible due to the tool’s well balanced and overall ergonomic design.

LED lights

Impact driver should have LEDs which are designed to provide you with best shadow less visibility, and they maintain brightness for over 20 seconds after the trigger releases. The delay makes sure you have a bright eye on your work environment even when you are not working it.


Your impact driver should have a huge battery that charges faster. Choose the impact driver that its warrant includes batter.


When buying impact driver, opt for the ones with warrant and guarantee. The impact driver should come with more than a two-year limited warranty, money back guarantees, and at least one-year free service contract.

When you buy the right tool for the job, then you will find that you will be amazed at how you can do things faster. If you love impact drivers, then keep the above tips, and you will solve all your screws and bolts problems.