Since there are more than 100 models of golf balls in the market, selecting the best ball that suits your game can be an uphill battle. However, if you start by narrowing down the choices by focusing on your budget and playing performance, making the ultimate decision can be an easy task. You should make sure that you have the best ball for your skills since the golf ball is the only equipment that you will use on every single shot.

Know Your Game

The ideal way of starting the process of selecting a golf ball is to evaluate your playing capability, and then detect the performance issues you are attempting to solve. If you are an amateur, you probably require additional distance off the tee as well as a ball with less spin. A lot of spins may accentuate high-handicappers slices or hooks. On the other hand, an experienced golfer’s golf ball requirements can be more specific. The professional players often look for a spin to allow them to manipulate shots around the ground when pitching or chipping. This aspect needs a softball. So, what golf ball is right for me? Here is how you can select the ideal golf ball according to your level of play:

The Beginner Golfer

You are categorized in this group if you are an inconsistent player or have just started playing golf. Approximately, twenty-five percent of recreational golfers fall under this category. A beginner’s handicap is often above twenty-five while the score is typically 105 or more for 18 holes. The players in this category should use a low spinning, 2-piece golf ball. Else, you should opt for a low spin 2-P ball if a lot of ball speed is produced after hitting the ball hard. Select a soft compression two-piece ball if you possess a slow swing speed.

It is essential to read the package when purchasing golf balls. You should look for claims such as ‘long and soft,’ ‘low spin,’ ‘low spin distance ball’ or ‘low initial driver spin.’

The Intermediate Golfer

If you undergo sporadic ‘big number,’ you fall into this category. Your scores often range from the eighties to the mid-nineties, and you want to be much more consistent and shoot in the eighties and start moving towards the seventies. It is essential to use a medium spin 2 or 3 piece ball if you have a predictable shot pattern. Also, you should acquire these balls if you hit the ball fairly straight. You can use the lower spinning two-piece ball if you have an unpredictable shot pattern.

The Skilled Golfer

You are categorized in this group if you are an ‘expert’ golfer who can manage most tactics of the game. An expert golfer is a person who has total control of the swing and hits the ball with consistency and authority. Also, your score is often in the seventies and low eighties while your handicap is usually less than twelve.

The best golf ball for you is that which is long off the tee but provides the feel you need for the shots around the green and putting. You should always use a three-piece performance ball.