Most women are conscious of their skin. They will do all it takes to improve skin imperfections, and earn that radiant youthful skin. It is all evident in the popularity of skin enhancement procedures from using natural remedies to laser solutions.

One skin problem that most women share is having large pores. The pores are tiny openings on the skin where sweat, sebum, and body toxins escape. Infants and children have smaller pores rather than adults. You’ll notice it on their soft and smooth skin surface. Unfortunately, pores become more enlarged and open when one reaches adulthood.

Why Do You Have Large Pores?

Aging is one obvious factor that causes large pores. As a person grows old, the skin becomes rougher, and the pores become more visible. Aside from aging, several causes prompt large pores. Here it is.

1. Genetics

If some of your family members have large pores, then blame it on the genes. Having large pores is a hereditary trait. Since you can control this factor, the best thing you can do to avoid pores from stretching too far is to use natural solutions.

2. Oily Skin

A person with naturally oily skin is likely to have enlarged pores. It is all due to the excess oil, dead skin, and dirt stuck on the pores which cause it to swell and look larger. Likewise, the extra production of sebum breaks the pores causing it to enlarge.

3. Too Much Sun Exposure

Excessive exposure to sun thickens the skin. And, it reduces the collagen, elastin, and water levels on the skin. Once it happens, the tissue beneath the skin shrinks dramatically and stretches the edges of pores. It is why sun damage makes your pores a lot bigger than normal.

4. Gender

Men have larger pores than women. Unluckily, women’s skin does not stay smooth and soft for a lifetime. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menstruation, and puberty causes the pores to stretch and appear larger.

5. Using Cosmetics with Strong Chemicals

Although using cosmetics like foundation does an excellent job in hiding skin imperfections, yet it won’t cover large pores. It causes the pores to appear enlarged, especially when using beauty products with harsh chemicals. It becomes worse when you forget to wash the cosmetics or when it is not properly washed off.

Thus, when it comes to picking out cosmetics, make sure to choose products that are suitable for your skin type. There are reliable stores and online sources wherein you can find beauty products for reducing large pores and controlling oily skin. One of best drugstore foundation for large pores is found here at Ellis James Designs.


You have to be smart about your lifestyle. Live healthy to prevent skin imperfections. Eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking plenty of water promotes healthy and radiant skin. Also, be careful in choosing which cosmetic products to buy. Consult the experts like Ellis James to find out which beauty products are safe to use.

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