Enjoying a cup of high quality coffee can also mean investing in a high quality fresh press; a machine made for brewing coffee. Coffee lovers surely know that mornings and afternoons are such perfect time for a cup of coffee. But how do people get to enjoy it if they are already running late for work, meeting, or any scheduled affair?

Believe it or not, it is now possible to prepare a cup of high quality coffee in an instant; which means that in just a few clicks away, you will get to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee. To know how, here is an article about what we think are the top french press on the go which can make it possible.

Three Top Fresh Press on the Go Review

1. GSI Outdoors Javapress

Adventurous people loves this portable French press since they can carry it with them when they go outdoors like camping, hiking, and others. A cup of good coffee is meant to be shared with a few people, right? The good news with this item is it has the capacity a cup of coffee for at least 6 people which is highly recommendable for activities per group.

It is designed to keep the heat and the coldness of the drink for a long period of time. With its ballistic cloth sleeve, if the drink is really hot, rest assured that whoever will hold this Javapress is protected from the heat. Overall, this item received an excellent review because it is easy to clean, it can store a lot of coffee/tea, or any drink people wanted to bring with them on their outdoor activity without the fear of leaking.

2. Jumpin’ Bean Travel French Press

This French Press was designed with two parts. The first one is where the coffee and the liquid are stored and the second one is the plunger. This is preferred by those who wanted to keep their drink cold since it can keep any kind of drink cold for 6 hours while it can keep any drink hot for 4 hours only. This was made possible with its rubber which keeps the drink from leaking.

No need to worry about cleaning this French Press because it is dishwasher-safe, very convenient to those people who wants to avoid manually washing their dishes. With this feature, it is very easy to clean. Overall, if people are looking for a portable Fresh Press, this item is much recommended.

3. CuppaPress Travel Fresh Press Mug

The materials used in this French Press were carefully selected to maintain the quality of the item; wherein people can use it for a long period of time, avoiding corrosion. Those who are fond of preparing a hot drink won’t also have to worry about accidentally burning their hands because its silicon material can help avoid such incidents. What people love the most about this French Press is they won’t have to keep a scope with them all the time and carefully measure the coffee they wanted to grind because this item already has an indicator.