Did you know that there are different types of flashlights wherein each one has a unique design for a specific function? Find out the main types of flashlights and know which one will work for you. 

Flashlights are one of the most convenient and useful tools. Whether you are a mechanic, an electrician, a security guard, or a person who loves hunting, a flashlight is an important piece of equipment you will need.

Flashlights have undergone significant advancements over the past years. These developments amplified its functions; from a simple lighting device for general tasks, flashlights became a self-defense tool and an important device for security, law, and search and rescue.

Main Flashlight Categories

Flashlights come in different types and use. Below are the primary flashlights categories.

#1 General Use 

Conventional flashlights are the most basic design. This type of flashlight features a handheld design, lightweight, and portable. They are less bulky compared to flashlights for heavy-duty functions.

A flashlight with general function is one typically used in minor household and mechanic tasks. It produces enough light to locate dropped objects in the dark and performs tasks in areas with poor illumination.

Standard flashlights have light output ranging from 20 to 3000 lumens. For daily household chores, it is best to start with a 20 lumens flashlight. If you are dealing with car repairs or often goes on hiking and camping activities, a 3000 lumens flashlight is the best option.

#2 Tactical Flashlights 

As the name implies, tactical flashlights are useful during circumstances that requires more than just light. People who use this flashlight are typically from security, law, and search and rescue. Firefighters, sailors, hikers, and hunters also prefer tactical flashlights because of their efficiency and light output.

Tactical flashlights follow a compact and lightweight design. It can be used both as an illuminating device and a weapon for self-defense. Moreover, tactical flashlights have different modes, such as strobe and SOS for emergencies.

This type of flashlight is probably the most versatile. It has a higher light output compared to standard flashlights. The lumens of a tactical flashlight begins at 1000 lumens and can reach up to 9000 lumens, depending on its function.

You can find a wide variety of tactical flashlights both at physical and online stores. You can check out the top 10 brightest flashlights for tactical function at this source.

#3 Industrial Flashlights

Similar to tactical flashlights, industrial ones have a higher lumens count compared to conventional flashlights. Industrial flashlights are also lightweight for simultaneous and safe use in warehouses and facilities.

General and tactical flashlights have similar features. The only difference is that the latter has higher lumens rather than the former. In industrial flashlights, the safety rating of the device is the most important factor to consider. A wrong flashlight can cause a chemical reaction, which is extremely hazardous if the facility is housing chemicals and explosives.

Industrial flashlights are categorized based on classes, divisions, and temperature codes. Manufacturers usually include these features on the flashlight’s label.

#4 EDC 

Everyday carry flashlight or EDC has become more popular these days. It is smaller compared to standard illuminating devices. It is portable and useful for daily chores. Although it is perfect for day-to-day use, it does not generate enough light for tactical use.