Do you know what an elliptical cross trainer is? It is a piece of gym equipment that can be found in the cardio section of most health clubs and gyms. It as foot pedals and two long handles. Despite being a stationary machine, it mimics the patterns of movement when climbing the stairs, running, and walking. As a result, you can have an efficient full-body exercise.

Here are some benefits that you could enjoy when you use an elliptical cross trainer:

  1. It allows you to work out at home

Some people prefer doing exercises at home than going to the gym. If that’s the case, you should consider getting your own elliptical cross trainer because it’s one of the most essential equipments for your workout.

This machine can be expensive but at least, it doesn’t take up much space and can allow you to have your daily full-body exercise. Most people overlook this equipment for their home gym – many still prefer to have a treadmill than a cross-trainer.

  1. It makes you stronger

Resistance training is the most common choice for workout junkies when they want to strengthen their muscles. But did you know that you can use the cross trainer as an alternative? It can be a supplementary workout to improve your overall strength.

To make this happen, you should increase the resistance of the equipment to make your body work harder at the same speed. So if you want to gain strength, this is the perfect machine for you.

According to research, a cross trainer can be used by people who had resistance training and needs to do a recovery exercise. With this equipment, faster muscle recovery can be experienced. As a result, they can have larger gains of overall strength.

However, if you are using the cross trainer for recovery, make sure that you keep both heart rate and resistance low, unlike other intensity exercises.

  1. It prevents injuries

Being new to the gym can be overwhelming and you might have a hard time using certain equipment. Fortunately, you won’t have this problem with a cross-trainer because of its intuitive design. In fact, you can learn the proper technique in using the machine in just a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the cross trainer is considered to be one of the safest gym equipment. A lot of people have suffered injuries when they exercised ion the treadmill while some had accidents by lifting weights. When you use a cross trainer, you are safe from any kind of injury.

  1. It varies workout intensity

If you have been working out for quite a long time, you might already know that the best kind of workout is something with varied intensities. With that said, a cross trainer allows you to mimic a challenging stair climb, a run, or a brisk walk. To change your intensity, all you have to do is to alter the machine’s resistance.

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