Let’s face it we have all been there. We tend to keep away our weed eater after the growing season and when it comes to firing it up in the spring it refuses to start. For most people, they tend to panic. And the first thing they do is to dump it in the car and take it to an engine repair shop where they end up spending a lot of money to repair.

But, what if there was a way you can get your weed trimmer to work all by yourself? When you need your weed eater to work so urgently and it won’t it can be frustrating. However, if you are having problems with starting your trimmer to work, here are some weedeater won’t start tips and tricks.

Check the fuel and the air filters

Fuel issues are what cause most gasoline-powered weed trimmers not to work. Open the tank of the trimmer and check if there is enough fuel to start it up. If the fuel levels are low you should fill it up. Also if the gasoline has stayed for quite a long time you should replace it with fresh fuel. Ensure that you get the fuel ratios correctly. Experts recommend that the ratio of 40:1 of unleaded gasoline and 2-cycle oil. Also, if you are having an engine that starts and quickly stops it may be because your air filters are blocked. And if you know all engines need oxygen to start up. But if the air cannot move in easily then your engine may not be able to start up and run efficiently. Check whether your air filters are blocked. If they are, replacing or cleaning them will help fix the problem.

Spark plug or carburetor problems

A dirty or a faulty spark plug can cause your engine not to start up. Remove the spark plug, if the gas is enough that means that gas is getting through and it is in a good condition. What about dirt? Use a fine emery paper or a wire brush to remove any deposits or corrosion that may be preventing your trimmer not to work. But if the cleaning trick doesn’t do, you can replace the plug with a new one. Again, your engine may not be starting up because of the carburetor problems. Carburetors are the hearts of the engines and if there is any problem with it, then your weed trimmer may not start at all. Most carburetor problems are caused by dirt and cleaning it will easily fix the problem. Just remember, not to use a carburetor cleaner as it may damage your circuits. However, in cases of major issues that may occur. In this case, you will be forced to replace the whole carburetor which may be inexpensive as compared to replacing the whole weed trimmer itself.

Weedeater problems are common especially when the trimmers start getting old or have not been in use for a long time. But you don’t need to panic. And you also don’t need a professional to fix the problem for you. With this information, you can easily get your trimmer to start up all by yourself.