Everything you need to know about Valentine University

Valentine University is a dating community college whose main aspiration is to be an online platform of higher learning to assist the guys who want to score high with girls. The university does this by providing courses and classes mainly using tutorials and videos.

These lessons mostly major around relationship psychology, the evolution of psychology and the dynamics of the human brain which controls the social interactions between girls and guys. Valentine University has very much to offer and does not involve gratuitous information or even stuffing content to its students.

This Valentine university review will help you understand why it is worth it to be there and how their courses will help you navigate the dating world.

What does it offer?

The valentine university curriculum has so much to offer to its students all in the forms of videos and tutorials. Some of the main subjects that are tackled in the curriculum of this university include;

  • Attraction is not a choice – This subject strives to claim that a girl does not have any control over the qualities that make her feel attracted to a certain guy. What a guy possess that makes her have some butterflies in the stomach is sorely not her choice. This subject is further integrated with evolutionary psychology and selection. They will help you understand what catches the attention of girls.
  • A lover or a provider – Otto, the dean of this university, gives two main strategies when it comes to this subject. The first one is a choice you can make to have kids with one woman and stick around to help raise them for the rest of your life. The other one involves having multiple sexual partners, getting children with them, then leave hoping someone else might come along and raise them.

Inner and outer game

The inner game simply involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses and not allowing your weak points to weigh you down.

The outer game is showing to the girls that you are a male on demand. This can be achieved by making a statement and behaving like a winner. You should also see yourself as the upper one percent in the dating scene.

What makes Valentine University a great platform for you?

If you are a guy who is serious and dedicated and has some time at your disposal, you can get a ton of information. You can get bonuses and extra training for this platform too.

Other than the bonuses they offer, they try to portray information to you in various angles trying as much as possible to be sincere enough so that the young newbies who are not experienced to understand. This site does not display images of naked women and is decent enough to give the right and realistic information. Unlike other similar sites, it does state the facts.

This dating course always puts itself at a corner it gives a sense of real learning producing the best results for you who hopes to navigate today’s dating world.