A lot of people become desperate when they are diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. The news turns them upside down because they’ve probably heard that this is a condition that causes stabbing pain. It is true that stabbing pain is one of the symptoms of neuropathy, along with numbness in the hands and feet, tingling in the hands and feet, the sensation that you are wearing gloves all the time, digestive problems and even thinning of the skin. Of course, the stabbing pain is the most difficult to deal with symptom and yes, living a high quality life will be complicated when you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy but this condition can be kept under control.


If you have received the diagnosis of neuropathy and you want to learn more about it, check out the information on this website. You will learn that, in order to correctly deal with the condition, you first have to establish what its source is. Neuropathy can appear as result of injury, but in most cases it appears as result of another condition or disease affecting your body. Neuropathy can appear in people suffering from diabetes, people who consume too much alcohol, people suffering from kidney disorder, hypothyroidism, cancer (as result of chemotherapy treatment), and infections and autoimmune disorders such as shingles, Lyme disease, HIV or AIDS. When you know exactly what the source of the problem is, it becomes easier to manage the condition and its symptoms.

If you are ready to try any type of treatment available for neuropathy, you should know that there are several options available. While not all of them will prove to work for you, one of them will surely be efficient. This is why, if you try a treatment option and it doesn’t provide positive results, you need to stop insisting with that option and move on to a new one. If the pain level you are feeling is not very high, you should first try with pain killers available over the counter. Tylenol, for example and aspirin have proved to be highly efficient for numerous people suffering from neuropathy. If the pain level has become very high and you feel that you cannot get through the day because of it, then you need to ask for professional help. Turn your attention to a doctor who can prescribe more powerful pain killers. If you are the type of person who prefers to avoid drug treatments as much as possible, then I think that TENS would be a good option for you. TENS stands for transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation and it is a treatment through which small amounts of electricity will be sent into the skin; the main role of these small amounts of electricity is to interrupt the pain signals sent by the damaged nerves to your brain. In addition to TENs, you can also try chiropractic care, massage, yoga or meditation. One of the treatment options mentioned above will surely work and help you live a normal life, so try them all if necessary.