A misaligned headlight is not a good sign – it can cause a car crash. Check this and find out the reasons why a car’s headlights become misaligned.

Driving with misaligned headlights can disrupt a safe night drive or drive under extreme weather conditions. This is because misaligned headlights can affect road visibility, making it difficult to see the road.

How will you know that your car’s headlights are misaligned?

It is easy to identify that your car’s headlights are improperly aligned; here are a few:

  • The light illuminates blankly or the light reflects too much to your road vision. This is caused by the headlights either aiming too low on the ground or too high from the ground.
  • Oncoming drivers are continually flashing their lights at you; this is because your headlights are directly blinding them.
  • Your car’s headlight is only illuminating 20 feet of the road; this is because the lights are positioned improperly and below the normal point.

So, if you notice your car’s headlights are not properly aligned, you should immediately fix it or let a professional do it for you; this will help reduce accidents caused by misaligned headlights.

What could be the reasons behind misaligned headlights?

According to the experts, most misaligned headlights are caused by the following repairable reasons:

#1: Some components must be broken

Most of the headlight’s internal components are now made of plastic; this is delicately attached to the headlight’s housing and into the car. Since these are made of plastics, these components have the tendencies to become brittle and break. So, check the headlight’s component and see if there are broken parts.

#2: The headlight’s lens is damaged

Older car models with diffusion discs, made from grooved glass, often to develop this technical issue. The diffusion disc on the lenses is critical to light distribution; thus, if the disc has cracks and scratches, caused by a strong impact, it can impair the distribution of the beams.

Also, even though it is common on older car models, newer cars with clear plastic lenses can become opaque too.

#3: The headlight leveling system is damaged

If there are no broken components and the lens is intact, try to check the headlight leveling system and find out if it is damaged. Here are the few signs that the headlight leveling system is damaged:

  • The beams constantly move up and down; this is because of bad contact.
  • The headlight is always leveled down to the lowest position and is hard to fix.

If you think your headlight’s leveling system is damaged, you should have it fixed by a professional without delay.

Final Thoughts

The headlight’s alignment is critical not only for the driver’s safety but also for the people within the car and other drivers on the same road you are on. If you think your headlights are misaligned you should fix it fast and or have it checked by professionals.

If you need additional details on this and how to fix it on your own, check the I Need Bright Lights’ website today.