Are you searching for a beautiful yet useful decoration for your home? 

There are countless of decorations on the market that you can use to improve the aesthetics of your home interiors. However, not all of them has a dual purpose – one that is capable of uplifting a space’s beauty and two has the ability to provide health benefits – which you may find with Himalayan salt crystal lamps.

Himalayan rock salt lamps are unique and famous because of its wonderful uses. It does not only help in enhancing your home’s interiors, it can also promote better wellness. These rock salt lamps are made from genuine salt crystals mined from the best locations in the Himalayan mountain ranges. These rock salts have natural properties and essential minerals such as iodine and magnesium. These properties of rock salts reduce stress, improves air quality by absorbing air pollutants and allergens, and it helps you to sleep well at night.

Indeed, rock salt lamps are interesting. Thus, if you want to get one, make sure to read reviews at reliable websites so you can choose the perfect Himalayan rock salt lamps.
Lamps Lights & Shade is one of the trusted websites to provide detailed buying guidelines for the Himalayan salt lamp. Right on this website, you can get the information you need before purchasing a rock salt lamp, including the following top four most stunning and certified genuine rock salt lamps.

Himalayan Bowl Salt Lamp 

Unlike regular salt lamps that looks like a simple rock cut from a bigger source, the Himalayan Glow Bowl salt lamp is different. This bowl-shaped lamp with smaller round rocks inside the bowl uses a 15W bulb, producing a soothing orange glow. The base of the lamp is made of wood that is resistant to shrinking, termites attack, cracking and corrosion. It also features a 6.6 ft power cord so you can place it anywhere in your room.

Crystal Allies Gallery Egg Salt Lamp 

This naturally handcrafted Himalayan salt lamp is surely satisfying. The egg shape of the lamp looks elegant, especially with its warm amber glow. The base of the lamp is made from Neem wood that is long lasting. The gentle light of Crystal Allies Gallery Egg salt lamp is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Crystal Allies Gallery Drop Salt Lamp 

Another wonderful creation from Crystal Allies is the Drop salt lamp. The design of this rock salt lamp is inspired by the fascinating and elegant teardrop-like shape. The lamp measures 5 inches x 6 inches which is an ideal size for bedrooms and living rooms. In addition, this lamp comes with a dimmer switch and a 6 ft long power cord.

Himalayan Salt Lamp 

This 100 percent authentic salt lamp is carved by hand and mined from Pakistan. It is one of the most popular rock salt lamps in the market due to its quality, ability to purify the air and neutralize electromagnetic radiations. This lamp uses a 15watt bulbs, has a long power cord and a dimmer dial.

For more details about these rock salt lamps, just visit Lamps Lights & Shade.