LIttle-girl-in-cribMothers face lots of decisions when raising and caring for their young. Toddlers aren’t quite able to make their own decisions, so a lot of times you, as a mother, have to step in and take control. A lot of mothers have questions about certain things that pertain to raising children, especially if they are a first time mom. One of the most asked questions is when their toddler should be moved out of the crib and onto an actual bed. Of course you have to be the judge of this on your own, but there are lots of things to consider.

First you must start with the crib itself. If you feel like the crib you have is becoming too small, and too lightweight for your growing baby, then you have some options to weigh. Firstly, you can ditch the crib and move her a bed – this is always an option, but a lot of parents might feel hesitant about this. It is a big step to make and the toddler itself might not be ready for the change. In this case, you have the option of getting a bigger and better crib. Some cribs out there display some real shotty craftsmenship. This is why I highly suggest investing in a good crib. You can check out some of the best cribs of this year right here.

As a parent it is your job to ensure the safety of your children. This is why a lot of parents don’t feel very safe about moving their child to a bed. With that said, you must ensure that the crib is safe. Are there any parts of the crib that you toddler can choke on? Become entangled in? Can the toddler crawl out? Or maybe knock it over? All of these must be tested; this is why I always recommend checking this list of the safest cribs and perhaps getting one of these.

But eventually you will reach the time where your tot is ready to move up to the big-boy bed. Usually this is around the age of 2 or perhaps a few months before. Like I said, you must be the judge of this. For the most part, always err on the side of caution and only move your toddler to the bed when his/her crib is really becoming too small.