babies-travelTraveling with an infant can pose as a real problem. If you ever tried it before then you know what I’m talking about when sometimes it’s almost better to stay home and delay that possible vacation that you’re long overdue for until your toddler is a little bit older and doesn’t cry half of the day. However, there is a way to travel with a young baby. It’s not easy, but there are lots of tips to follow to make the whole experience a lot easier.

If you are going on a long road trip in a car, more times than not it will be spent with the baby crying or sleeping – there is very little in between room. However, there is a way to get through this. First of which is to bring lots of toys. Not just her favorite toys, but toys that will distract her. I also recommend having some sort of cover or shader that can go over the baby’s portable crib to block her view of the outside world. Babies often get scared when they know they are in unfamiliar environments, so the more you can do to keep the baby “contained” and feeling safe and secure the better.

Safety is a big issue. A lot of mothers are uncomfortable traveling with their toddler because they constantly fear for her safety. But like I said before, there are ways to get through this. The first of which is to always buckle up. Don’t just buckle the crib to the seat, but buckle the baby to the crib as well. The more straps and buckles there are, the safer the baby will be and safer the baby will feel – this will save you a lot of crying.

I always recommend having someone sit next to the baby as well. Straps and buckles can come undone and you should always have someone sitting next to her in case there is an accident. Also, it provides personal comfort for everyone as well.

If you don’t have a portable crib, I highly recommend that you go out and get one. Here is a good list of some portable cribs that I always hear good things about – they will make your life much much easier! Convertible cribs are a thing to look into as well, however I don’t always trust older convertible cribs. This is why I recommend getting the newer products as I would feel much safer using them.