While hair on the head is a good thing, hair growing in different parts of the body, especially in the unmentionables, can be annoying. Of course, you can always shave the unwanted hair off but hair removal and shaving is a delicate process. As mentioned earlier, hair grows in different parts of the body, some of which are difficult to reach, so you need to be very careful and make sure you won’t be nicking your skin in the process of removing the unwanted hair. Some people opt for laser hair removal treatments. However, that option will require planning and costs a handsome amount of money.

However, there are some instances when making a detour to the laser hair clinic is out of the question, at which case you will need to do the hair removal on your own. It is very crucial that you make the necessary preparations before you proceed with it. The following are some things that can be helpful before you proceed with shaving or removing your body hair. Consider these are tried and testing tips for removing back hair, as well as hair in other parts of the body like your upper lip, ear, bikini area, chest, legs, and more.

Never shave with dull or worn blades. Worn blades can pull hair and increase the chances of getting ingrown hair. As much as possible, you need to replace worn parts or buy a new sharp blade. If you are using an electric shaver, make sure that you follow the instructions on replacing parts like blades. If you are using disposable razors, make sure that you do not need to exert any pressure to use it. If that is the case, you need to have it replaced.

Blades or razors can only do so much. If the hair is very long or has never been shaved before, make sure that you clip it with a pair of scissors first. This way you will not have any difficulties shaving it with your blade or razor.

Make certain that you prepare your skin and the hair before you shave it. Soak it in warm water for about 3 to 5 minutes. This is important for coarser hair. By soaking it in warm water, you allow the hair follicles to open up as well as soften the hair and relax the skin. Likewise, blades do not get too worn with wet hair.

Just like in a laser hair removal clinic, make certain that you do not shave after you first get up from sleeping. There is a good chance that your skin will be too puffed up and the hair follicles hidden deep in them.

Make certain that you always use shaving gel when you are shaving. Apply it and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Like washing or soaking in warm water, shaving gel locks in moisture and reduces the friction on the skin while conditioning it for shaving. Shaving gel and foam also prevents razor burns and irritations. Likewise, they will also help prevent you from having ingrown hair. Always remember that your preparations before shaving or removing body hair will determine the smoothness and success of the procedure.