There Are No “Bad Dogs” Just Bad Owners

There Are No “Bad Dogs” Just Bad Owners

It is no longer possible to own some breeds of dogs, legislation has deemed some dogs too aggressive to be kept as pets. regulations against some breeds of dogs is causing consternation amongst owners. For example pit bulls have gained a very bad reputation as aggressive dogs, but many owners of pit bulls would argue that it is only the minority of pit bulls which attack others, but many can have very sweet and gentle temperaments.

There is an argument which purports that it is not the breed of dog, but the environment they are bought up in which causes a dog to be aggressive. If a dog is neglected or mis treated then this is bound to affect their temperament. Some people even encourage aggressive tendencies in their dog, thinking it makes them appear tough to have such an aggressive natured dog.

Many pit bull dogs have had to be put down because of new regulations, causing heartache to their owners who only see them as a friendly companion. Although certain breeds of dog have received negative press it is worth remembering that all types of dogs can have aggressive tendencies, regardless of size or characteristics.

Even miniature breeds can bite so it seems unfair that one particular breed has been picked out of the thousands of breeds of dog which exist.

Dogs require a safe, secure environment in which to thrive. Just like us they require comfort, regular meals, attention and love. Taking your dog to obedience and dog training classes means you will have  a well socialised dog that is a pleasure to take out.

Responsible dog owners have control over their dogs in all circumstances.

Research from Bristol University UK has identified that the main cause of aggression in dogs is treatment from their owners. Dogs who are trained using negative reinforcement such as punishment were 50% more likely to be aggressive towards strangers and 30% more likely to attack a family member. Owners under the age of 25 were more likely to have aggressive dogs as compared to owners over the age of 40. This research indicates that aggressive temperament in dogs is not just down to the dogs breed but also to their early socialisation.

There Are No “Bad Dogs” Just Bad Owners Credit Picture License: This Year’s Love via photopin cc