Traveling within or out of the country with your little buddy needs a lot of things, which can be very challenging most of the time, especially if it is a toddler. To ensure that you and your little kid traveler will have a smooth sailing trip and or vacation, here’s a cheat sheet on which things you need to bring when you are traveling with a baby.

Things to include inside the baby carry-on bag:

•    Two to three diapers (you should never leave your house without packing this inside the carry-on bag)
•    Wipes
•    A reusable or a disposable changing pad
•    Two or three bibs
•    Baby blankets (for burping, a cover when breastfeeding, to lay them on, and for shade)
•    2 regular-sized baby bottles (if you are going to use them)
•    Clothes for changing (both the baby and the parent; you’ll never know when you need one)
•    Pacifier
•    Food (baby food if your baby is already eating solids; and some snacks too)
•    Favorite toy to entertain him or her during travel
•    Baby medicine (just in case the baby got sick during travel)

Things to include inside your baby’s suitcase:

•    A pack of diaper and baby wipes
•    A diaper cream (babies are prone to have diaper rush when traveling)
•    A bottle of baby wash and baby lotion
•    Hypoallergenic baby sunscreen
•    Nail clippers for babies (just in case you’ll be staying away from home more than a week)
•    A complete first-aid kit (never leave your house without this, especially if you are traveling or having a vacation with your kids)
•    Formula milk (if your baby drinks it)
•    Breast pump (there are few instances that you’ll wish you have brought one with you)
•    Baby food
•    A bottle brush
•    Baby utensils
•    Clothes, shoes, socks, and some bottles. Also, do not forget to pack some extra clothes.
•    Playmat

Baby travel gear:

If you are planning to have your dream family vacation away from home, you have to pack every essential thing, especially if you are traveling with a baby. Another few things that you need to bring with you are worthy baby travel gear as listed below; also, you may see which baby travel gear is worth the investment before choosing which brand of baby travel gear you should purchase.

•    Travel strollers
•    Baby carriers (you may also choose ErgoBaby Carrier)
•    Baby hiking carrier
•    Travel car seats
•    Travel diaper bag
•    Baby monitor

Other things you might forget to bring:

If you are traveling out of the country with your baby or your kids, make sure to prepare health and travel insurance documents, vaccination documents (if needed), and some guidelines when traveling with an infant, a baby, or a toddler (if this is your first time traveling with a small travel buddy).

So, have you packed the things you need? Make sure to check each one of them.