manual breast pumpAre you a fan of manual breast pumps? Maybe you’re not and are just looking at your options then. When it comes down to breast pumps, mothers have a lot of options to weigh. There are electric breast pumps and manual breast pumps. At first glance you might think that electric is easily the way to go. This is how a large majority of mothers think because the speed and efficiency at which electric breast pumps work. However, manual breast pumps have their edges on electric breast pumps as well. One of the biggest aspects of manual pumps is their simplicity. Simplicity means that they are simply built and simple to use. If you are a first-time mom then a simple and easy-to-use pump might be the way to go.

Another thing that manual breast pumps are great at is portability. Because you don’t have all the moving parts, manual pumps are easy to carry around and can even be clipped onto your person with a belt! This means easy access and very little set-up time, which is quite the opposite from electric pumps. Electric pumps generally stay at home, or if they are taken somewhere they have to be carried in large bags because of the many pieces and parts they require.

When it comes down to shopping for a manual breast pump, a big thing to consider is cleaning. Electric pumps can be a real hassle to clean which is why a key selling point in manual pumps is there easy ability to clean; again this is attributed to their simple design. But not all manual pumps are easy to clean – some are easier to clean than others. All it takes is a little bit of research and looking into the best manual breast pumps.

Another thing that makes manual breast pumps better than electric ones is the fact that they don’t use any batteries. Some electric pumps, like this Medela Pump for instance, has to use batteries and therefore are not always the most reliable. Reliability is a key aspect to manual pumps is a real selling point. So make sure that the manual pump you’re looking at is reliable in its structure and won’t break on you.