The Food Wana-Be’s

The Food Wana-Be’s

Are you working out? If so, you need to stick to a healthy diet plan, and if you don’t see the results that you expect, then you lack proteins in your diet. Proteins are of major importance in your body since they help to create the lean and the strong physique that you are after when working out. Adding protein to your diet helps to lose fat and preserve the muscle mass. Consumption of protein powders is taken as a convenient way that can be used as bulk up in your diet, but you find some powders are so unsettling on the taste buds. Due to this reason, what can you do so that you can get a better tasting protein powder? Some proteins are there to satisfy your need of sweet tasting and still providing the muscle building gains. Some of these proteins include;

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard– This is the number one’s best protein powder and is packed with a nutritious whey protein isolates which help to boost the lean muscle mass. You find that each serving of a five-pound tub is mainly jam packed with five grams of BCAAs and 24 grams of protein in one container. The whey protein concentrate is easy to dissolve.  This protein is unique since it comes with 20 tempting flavors that are liked by many.

Cellucor COR-Performance Whey Protein– This type of whey mixes instantly with a spoon and the main purpose to assist in muscle growth without adding superfluous calories. This powder protein is fast digesting since it is made with 100% whey matrix. This whey protein comes in different flavors like the molten chocolate, Peanut Butter Marshmallow, and also Cinnamon Swirl.

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder-This powder protein offers an advanced time released a protein that feeds all the muscles for like up to eight hours after serving. The protein is made from egg albumen and whey protein concentrates so as help rapidly infuse in the body. Other sweet-tasting proteins include proteins like NLA for Her Whey Gluten-Free Protein, Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein and CytoSport Muscle Milk Lean Muscle Protein Powder

While still you are working out you should eat foods that will help prevent the weight loss since losing weight is one of the noblest endeavors a person can try. The reason for losing weight may be due to the health concerns, or even you want to keep fit.

For you to prevent losing weight, you need to mind on the diet that you eat and pick the right diet. Some diets are high protein, and others are low protein diets hence, you need to pick a well-balanced diet. The below are some of the foods that you can eat to avoid weight loss.

Whole wheat pasta – products made from whole wheat are good for dieting. But it is not a great product for weight loss due to a high carbohydrate that can turn into sugar.

Frozen TV dinners-when you are looking for the food preparation still minding about the weight loss then you should be a wary of the frozen TV dinners. People claim that they have nutritional benefits, but they contain a lot of calories.

Beverages with artificial sweeteners – they are good for weight loss as compared to the natural sweeteners. They are also proven to cause certain health conditions. Other things to avoid include things like peanut butter and ice cream.

On conclusion for you to lose weight you need to learn what to eat and what not to.

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