The Best Brand of Kayaks

The Best Brand of Kayaks

Intex makes a great kayak and has many different models available to suit any style or event. If you’ve managed to find your way to our Intex Challenger K2 kayak review, then you’ll know that the K2 has a lot to live up to, as it’s no mean feat living up to the Intex Challenger brand. Renowned for durability, easy maneuverability and effortless tracking, the Challenger line of kayaks is a great choice for beginners. So how does the K2 fit in? What makes it stand out from other multiple passenger kayaks?

Well, for a start, it’s made from Intex’s custom designed super tough vinyl, which is puncture proof and resistant to UV damage to boot. This means that you kayak experience can be worry free, as it’s going to take some serious effort to damage this kayak. You can be as bad as steering as you like as hitting rocks isn’t going to leave a mark. In the rare occurrence of a puncture, the kayak is bundled with an on board puncture repair kit, to stop you taking an unplanned trip to the bottom of the lake.

A big worry for beginner kayakers, particularly those who do not feel at home on the water, is that they are going to capsize. Well rest assured that an inflatable kayak is incredibly difficult to capsize, given its natural buoyancy. However, twice the number of people on board doubles the risk of someone rocking the boat a little too enthusiastically.

Here is an Intex explorer K2 kayak review for comparison. When taking fishing trips far from civilization, reliability is a must for any reputable kayak. It all begins and ends with durability. Time and again, the 30 -gauge vinyl material has shown the ability to stand up rough water conditions, rocks, hooks and the kids jumping in and out on a continual basis.

While the vessel is recommended for easy flow lakes and ponds, experienced kayak enthusiasts should be just fine in rougher conditions. In what could be considered a design or manufacturing problem, the skegs have a habit of coming loose and getting lost. Since the skegs control steering, it is highly recommended that the new owner find a creative way to secure the skegs and prevent future problems. If the vessel should become punctured during used, the patch kit is easy to use and works well to get the owner back on the water in a safe vessel.

If out with the family for fishing and fun, the buyer always wants to give priority to the safety of a vessel. With the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, safety is a prominent feature.

The durability of the materials helps support the requisite weight in all types of water conditions. The vessel is well-balanced, which gives one a real sense of security when standing or trying to move about the kayak.

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