dog_shelterThere are over 4.5 million animals that are put to death every year in the United States alone due to over-crowding in animal shelters. Unfortunately large animals are usually the first to go because their care costs much more than it does for the smaller animals. Fortunately there are no-kill animal shelters all over the country and the world that provide lifetime homes for these unwanted pets.

The workers at these shelters usually do so on a volunteer basis as most of these shelters can barely afford to take care of the many animals dropped at their doorsteps. These are loving, caring individuals who are doing their part to make these wonderful animals feel loved and safe, and ready for their forever home.

Big Dog Rescue is located in Sonoma County, California and is a no-kill animal shelter specializing in large dog breeds.The dogs are brought to the sanctuary from shelters where they were in danger of being euthanized. The dogs are allowed to play and socialize in large yards with green grass and trees, and given a warm comfy place to sleep with blankets and toys at night.

Each dog brought into the sanctuary is given a thorough examination and vaccinations, is micro chipped for safety and spayed or neutered. Before a dog is allowed to be adopted the prospective family must complete a home safety check information sheet and an adoption application prior to meeting the dogs. Each family is screened to ensure that the family will match the dogs’ needs and vice versa.

Big Dogs Huge Paws is a network of volunteers who are rescuing dogs from shelters as well as accepting dogs from their owners who are unable to keep them. Big Dogs Huge Paws specializes in giant breeds such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds and Mastiffs, to name a few.

Each dog is evaluated and placed in foster care until their forever home can be found. Currently Big Dogs Huge Paws operates in the states of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wyoming, with plans to expand nationally.

Large Breed Dog Rescue is located in the UK and is dedicated to saving the lives of large breed and mixed breed dogs. Their main facility is located in Kent, but they will allow adoptions in England, Scotland and Wales. The mission statement at Large Breed Dog Rescue includes a non-destruct policy and all dogs are given a chance at a new loving home.

All prospective adoptions are thoroughly vetted by their staff before a dog is allowed to be placed in a new home. Their goal is to find caring, loving homes for all large dogs, and to provide the companionship, care and services they need until that home can be found.

Anyone looking to add a dog to the family dynamic should do their research before committingto this lifetime responsibility, taking into consideration allergies and other such things. Regardless of the issue, there is also a solution; for example, dogs that don’t shed that much for someone with allergies. Taking each member of the family into consideration is a must since each family member will be interacting with the dog. If you have a family member that is allergic to pet dander, dogs that are considered hypoallergenic may be the answer for you.

Caring for a pet is not just about giving it food and water, but also providing the exercise, veterinary care, and love that they deserve. Some dogs may have issues such as allergies that will need special care, so be sure to do your homework before taking your new pooch home. With a bit of research adding a large breed dog to your family will be an exciting and joyous experience.