Longhaired_DachshundFor a while small dogs were all the rage. Walk in just about any supermarket or store and you were bound to see the face of a tiny dog sticking out of somebody’s purse or bag. Smaller dogs are sometimes preferred just because of that reason; they travel well and it is easy to just pick them up, put them into a carrier and go.

If a small dog that stays small is what you are looking for, it is best to do little research first. Some dogs may look tiny and cute when they are puppies but then poof! They are suddenly 50 pounds of muscle pulling you down the street. Small dogs need as firm a hand as large dogs do, in fact they can be much more aggressive than large dogs.

Some owners of small dogs tend to coddle them like little children, but first and foremost they are dogs and all dogs need a strong leader. If you do not prove to the dog that you are the leader they will take the lead themselves which will only cause trouble in the long run.

Smaller, lighter dogs also need some special care such as providing extra warmth when going outside during the winter months. Again, it’s best to do some research on small dogs when considering adding one to your family.

The Maltese is one dog that stays small as it gets older yet falls into the category of medium dog breeds. They have long white hair, but are considered to be a good dog for those with allergies because they do not shed as much as other dog breeds. The Maltese comes from the toy group of canines and they usually grown no larger than 10 pounds in weight and 12 inches in height.

The Miniature Schnauzer originated in Germany and is known for its even temperament, even though it comes from the terrier family. An adult will grow to approximately 15 inches tall and 15 pounds in weight. The Miniature Schnauzer does not shed much and makes an excellent watch dog.

The Shih Tzu is another toy dog breed that originated in China. They grow to be approximately 15 pounds in weight and around 11 inches tall when full grown. The Shih Tzu is a friendly dog that does well in households with children. They have a long silky coat that can be cut short for easier grooming.

The Dachshund is recognizable by their short legs and long bodies, and was developed to hunt vermin and small prey such as rabbits. When full grown they average up to 15 pounds in weight and approximately 10 inches tall.

The Dachshund can come in three different versions, short hair, long hair, and wire haired. They are known to be stubborn and can be challenging to train. They can also be aggressive with small children and are known for chasing birds, small animals, and just about everything else.

The sassiest dog breeds remain small for their entire life, which is probably why they make more noise than larger dogs; no one wants to get stepped on. Before adopting a small dog take a look at your family unit and do a little research to determine the best dog for you and your family.