Real-EstateProperty has long been the investors dream ticket. Those with a canny eye can buy a property and sell it on at a nice profit or instead rent it out as part of a portfolio of properties.

For most people finances will not stretch that far, and just a little dabble in stocks and shares or mutual bonds is more their thing. When you are thinking about investing it is a good time to put all your financial affairs into order. Are you paying too much interest on your credit card or are there ways you can save money on day to day things like groceries, insurance etc. It is important when thinking about investing that you ascertain whether you can afford to invest. Investment is not without risk and although you may see your money grow you could equally see it dwindle.

It is a good idea to set a budget when you first start to invest, perhaps a $1000 to start you off with. Stocks and shares do charge a fee but you can mitigate this by making 3 good investments out of your money. It is important to research the market you are investing in and also a good idea to read up as much as you can about investing; you will be an expert before you know it.

There are options if your money is even more stretched. Direct purchase plans allow you to buy stocks direct from the company you are interested in, without having to fork out brokerage fees. Not all companies offer this selection so you will need to do some detective work to see if any match your criteria. Companies are not allowed to advertise these plans so you will need to contact the company directly to see if it is an option. You can buy direct purchase plans from as little as $50.

Other options include a Share Builder plan. You can start this from as little as $4, making it an accessible option for most people. This will provide you with an automatic investment plan that you can build up over time providing you with your own investment portfolio.