kits-dog-beachOn Wednesday, November 20, 2013, a pit bull was stabbed to death by a senior when it allegedly attacked his pug on Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. According to the police report, the six-year-old pit bull named Pandora approached the pug dog in a designated on-leash area of the seaside park on the city’s Westside and bit the much smaller breed. Witnessing the attack, the 72-year-old owner of the pug pulled out his folding knife, stabbed the pit bull, and killed it.

When interviewed by CBC’s Ian Hanomansing, Pandora’s owner Samantha Fairbridge wholeheartedly defended her dog stated that it was unfairly and brutally murdered senselessly. According to Fairbridge, the pug ran up on the pit bull off-leash and began barking at the larger dog. Despite reports that claim the pit bull had its jaws fully clamped around the pug’s neck placing the dog in critical danger, Fairbridge swears Pandora simply responded with a nip on the pug’s ear. Samantha Fairbridge also alleges that the man stabbed Pandora repeatedly without any efforts to break the dogs apart while uttering “you deserve to die,” before fleeing the scene and chased down by police.

As seemingly just another case in a long list of pit bull fatalities that have happened around the world, Samanta Fairbridge stated to CBC News that she wants the public to understand that her dog never showed aggression towards other people and this tragedy could have been prevented. Although people often tend to assume that pit bulls are evil or vicious creatures, Fairbridges sticks by Pandora by saying “she wasn’t a monster…she was my best friend.” While the case draws increased social media attention, the question of whose fault the pit bull’s stabbing was continues to heat up.