Motocross (MX) gear and accessories are available online, and there are plenty of brands to choose from. You should base your choices on quality instead of brand image, though. Even though you can put a premium to styles and designs when it comes to apparel and accessories, you should still think of your safety before you choose safety gear for the track. The importance of durable motocross gear will dawn upon you when you’re nudged off your bike and you’re sent rolling on the dirt. You’re protected from the shock of the fall; if you’ve pulled out from the pack, then you’ll be thankful you’ve invested in high-quality boots and helmets, because most of your competitors won’t stop to help you up.

You have to suit up in proper gear for high-speed motocross events. Motocross boots, gloves, and pads protect your limbs from trauma, but only if these are durable enough to hold up against sudden shock. Your division will prescribe the gear you’re allowed to use on the track; the specs are often regulated and tested to ensure all riders are fully equipped before the race. If freestyle motocross is your thing, then you shouldn’t take the quality of your gear for granted. Many bikers walk out of a crowd-silencing crash because they happened to invest in a helmet that wouldn’t crack in spite of a forty-foot freefall. If you’re pulling off death-defying stunts on every run, then you should at least ensure your body armor answers for your mistakes.

Your helmet is probably the one piece in the ensemble you can’t do without. If you don’t have one yet, then you may want to try this one. These usually don’t come with front visors, so you’ll need motocross goggles to protect your eyes from the dust and mud splatter. Motocross events are thrilling to watch from the bleachers, but it’s a different story if you’re the one on the track trying to pull out of the pack. You have to be conscious of the terrain and the other riders, and kicking dirt in the face of competition isn’t a cheap shot if it comes with the sport. Invest in durable, comfortable head gear so you’ll have fewer distractions on your run.

Your motocross gear should clear regulation standards; most divisions consider this a prerequisite to qualify. For example, your helmet must be Snell-certified. That ensures the helmet has met the safety standards that the Snell Organization has set out for motocross helmets. Unless you’ve built a solid reputation with a sponsorship to boot, then you’ll have to assemble your safety gear on your own. Consider choosing items from several brands; these usually offer different styles to suit their brand image and your personality. Buy a couple of motocross bags so you’ll have proper luggage to pack your stuff for touring events.

Motocross veterans know the importance of track safety; you only have one life to live. The costs of high-quality motocross gear may be a pinch, but you’ll thank yourself for the investment soon enough.