Camping is one of the most favorite summertime activities of most families. It’s a time for family members to bond, hang out, and catch up on the goings-on in each one’s life. The camping adventure becomes even more fun if the family heads out to their campsite aboard a recreational vehicle or RV. Of course, RV camping will not be as fun without the right camping gear.

Years ago, RV camping was quite difficult because there wasn’t enough RV camping gear around. When bad weather comes, RV camping becomes miserable as all of your belongings became soggy and wet. Matches won’t light and the tent simply leaked. People ended having unpleasant experience instead of memorable ones. In addition, there weren’t much entertainment before as compared today. There are hundreds of RV camping gears available so people can enjoy the sights instead of worrying too much about some preparations. Here is some of the most requested camping gear:

Sleeping Bags

This is definitely an important RV camping gear. It is insulated enough to keep you warm on frosty nights. Also it has lots of space to contain your personal items. All you have to do is slip in and zip to go to dreamland. Unlike before, you need to carry bedding and mats to set-up. Now, just bring it along and you can rest anytime, anywhere.

Portable Gas Stove

After a long hike, you are most likely hungry so you want a quick meal. Before, you still have to look for matches and set up a fire just to grill or roast food. Now, all you have to do is turn on the switch and start cooking whatever your food is. It’s lightweight and very convenient. All you need is a small can of propane gas to cook a hearty meal.

Flashlight LED Flashlight

This is an indispensable RV camping gear especially at night. Before, flashlights were made of bulbs that could get busted when dropped. Now, there are LED flashlights that emit bright lights perfect for dark areas.

Bug Zapper

The last thing you want is to get munched on by nasty bugs and bloodthirsty mosquitoes. A bug zapper will be your best friend when you go camping, especially when it starts zapping at those nasties and killing them on contact. You will do well to visit a few websites and reading detailed reviews of mosquito zapper which will help you decide on the best one to purchase and include in your camping gear.


There are many kinds of tent that are easy to pitch. Modern tents are light enough to be carried as backpack as compared to tents before. Various models and sizes can be found which can accommodate many people. In addition, modern tents are more stable and can resist wind as well as hard rain.


You surely want to see some beautiful scenery at a distance especially when you’re on top of a mountain. Binoculars are also perfect for people who love to watch birds. Some binoculars even have night vision to allow you to see night creatures on the prowl.

Indeed, if one has the right RV camping gear, they can fully enjoy the beauty of nature. Hiking, mountain climbing, fishing or simply camping near your RV has become safer and convenient.