There are many forms in which you can take weed. To be able to determine the form that best suits you, you must understand the effects of each of the stains. There are many different strains of marijuana and their effects vary from one another. Depending on how you feel and what you want to do, you can select a strain that is best applicable to you. There are over a hundred strains of weed one can talk of, but in this article, I will reveal the relationship between weed and spirituality.

Religion, culture, and spiritualism

There are many religions in the world who take or don’t take cannabis for religious reasons as discussed below.

1. Rastafarians have used weed for many years and generations to open their minds to higher mental power. For instance, in Rastafarian culture, weed is very important in spiritual ceremonies and for meditation. They believe that for one to have a deep personal self-reflection and praise Jah (God), smoking weed is essential

2. Members of hippies of Islam practice Sufi tradition and believe t

At weed gives them the opportunity to have an open connection n with their god. They haven’t interpreted the Qur’an very well but believe that cannabis is not prohibited.

3. The entire Hinduism community does not approve weed, however, it remains the most popular religion having a sect that uses weed for sacramental purposes.

Spiritual use of cannabis

Below are rules and tips to follow in using different strains of marijuana for religious or introspective purposes.

  1. Identify and use it within your tolerance level for a positive outcome. Consuming too much is not spiritual but recreational and can cause hallucination.
  2. Consuming weed shouldn’t be just for fun or trying to fit into your peers, it should make you reach a higher power. If well used, it can make one discover some inner self that he or she didn’t know existed.
  3. You should list down specific things you want to do or achieve by consuming it, it should be taken for specific purposes.
  4. Select a strain that works best for you from the types, Sativa, indica, and a hybrid of the two.
  5. Take cognizant of the fact that the plant has highly potent effects when used properly and responsibly to induce a healthy outcome.


Different strains of cannabis interact with the body receptors in different ways causing different effects. The was weed is used is greatly affected by religion and culture as explained above, I don’t know for what reason you are interested in weed, but consider the factors listed above on its healthy use.

Cannabis is an international herb which has been used for many decades across the world. In addition to the religious use of weed, it has many other benefits and uses for many people. Equally, it’s being abused by others, it’s upon you to decide how to make use of it, but for me, I counsel that you use it in regulative and healthy ways.