Gone are the days when a simple bash of a cake, some juice, candy and a sandwich were enough to make a kid’s birthday outstanding. Nowadays social media bragging and peer pressure has made birthday parties of all ages be more demanding and complicated with too much expectations. Parents talk of huge budgets of as high as $1000 just for a kid’s birthday. However you don’t need to throw a wonderful bash without parting with so much money, here are some few ideas that will help:

Have a themed party

Children like different things and some of them trend at some point so you can consider this for your child’s party. You can make your child’s party with a TV show or a movie that he/she likes or what is trending during that period. Play around with colors, arrangements, and shapes to bring out a theme of the party and you can explain this in your invites so that the invited can dress according to the theme of the party. You can use games and entertainment materials that blend with the theme, the top children’s boomboxes are colored with TV and movie themes so you can incorporate such in your child’s birthday.

 Creative invitations

Emailing invitations are best for adult parties, but here is a creative idea that is ideal for a child’s party. You can write the party details; date, venue, time and events available on colorful balloons and give them to the class teacher to hand them over to the kids at school or in your child’s class during break times. Make the birthday have a limited number of people that you have only planned for so you can be strict with invites only.


If you don’t want to throw the bash at home then you can hold the party in various venues like in a local park or a public outdoor area with party games and a picnic. Don’t risk with the weather so if the bash falls in the unfriendly climate you can opt for halls so that the bash is done in the indoors but with enough space. To save your pocket from going dry book the halls and other venues on off-peak periods, during holidays, weekends and holidays such venues charge an extra fee.

You can as well make a deal with a child-friendly café. Research on the venue rates and book in advance. Ask if you can bring your own food to the party, this way it will be more fun and cheaper.